While browsing the shelfs at my local comic book store on Tuesday, I ran across Revelations by Paul Jenkins (W) and Humberto Ramos (A). I asked the clerk, Alec, if he knew anything about the title, and he replied that he really enjoyed it the first time it was released . . . wait, the “first time” it was released?

This lead to a discussion about how this title was originally released by Dark Horse Comics in 2005. I cracked open the front cover and read all the really tiny fine print on the credit’s page (yea, that stuff that no one ever reads and that you’ll go blind trying to read) and could find no mention of this being a reprint. It states “REVELATIONS No. 1 (of 6), January 2014. Published by BOOM! Studios . . . .” Even has it trademarked 2014 by ClockStop Entertainment, Inc. Apparently, however, the story has been re-lettered by someone new and, of course, has a new set of editors. Long story short, if you vaguely remember a comic you read at some point with a similar name, chances are fairly good that it was this comic. If, however, you don’t remember it and don’t have a clue as to where it’s packed away, you can’t go wrong by buying it again.

What caught my attention about this comic is the cover art by Ramos. I love the mosaic tile style, the subdued color palette, and the almost cartoonish look to the characters. I flipped open the cover and read/looked at the first page. I was immediately reminded of Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code. We see the Vatican, someone falling from a window Revelations_#1_imgwhile something slips from his grasp, (flip the page twice) and then the Swiss Guard arriving in time to stop (?) a different person from stabbing the fallen man who is now impaled on the gate below. To top it off, the protagonist is a quirky, 45-year-old detective from Scotland Yard who has been requested to look into the death of this man. The story reeks of mystery, intrigue and cover up, making this the perfect comic for me.

Other than the fact that Boom! Studios is not being forth coming about this being a reprint/remake, there is little to negatively critique about this book. Paul Jenkins weaves a wonderful tale that leaves the reader anxiously waiting for next month’s installment. There is quite a bit of reading to this comic and a good deal of it comes in the form of a quirky internal dialogue that the protagonist, Charlie Northern, has. This issue does a good job of introducing Charlie to the readers without it being obvious. The internal dialogues help a lot with this. Other than Charlie, we meet Marcel, Charlie’s Cardinal friend who comes to ask for Charlie’s help. We also meet Cardinal LeClair, and we know that he is no saint. I get the sense that these are the three main characters, or at least the ones we’ll want to focus on.

What is both amazing and unusual for me is that I love this book for Ramos’ art work as much as I do Jenkins’ writing. The color palette is a mixture of blues, and tans with a splash of dull red here and there. These colors work well though because the weather (a downpour of rain constantly) sets the mood as dark and foreboding. I also love how the characters are drawn. One might think that a cartoonish look would not work well with such a serious plot, but it works to give the characters more depth. The way they are drawn adds to their personalities.

I’m glad that Boom! has decided to do (redo – ?) this series. Otherwise, I would never have been the wiser that it existed in 2005. I can’t wait for the second issue.

Overall Score
100+ %

This is a remake/redo of Dark Horse's 2005 edition of Revelations, but that does not detract from this comics awesomeness. Full of mystery, intrigue, and coverup, this comic promises to be a great read.

Plot 100%
Writing 100%
Color Palette 100%
Art 100%

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