Sorry.  Perhaps it’s my current enthrallment with sarcastic superhero titles, but supers with attitudes seem to have my attention as of late.  Or maybe that’s what superheroes have come to be in the indy comic circles in which I travel. And while it’s disheartening to think that the indy comics I’m reading are beginning to take on the same general form, they’re all unique and fun enough that I’m still having a blast reading them.

And Quantum and Woody is no exception.

The story: Eric and Woody Henderson, reunited by the death of their father (Woody’s foster father), are forced to confront their past and reconcile their differences all while investigating the mysterious circumstances surrounding the death of their father.  Eric, an ex-military-type working for a private security firm, and Woody, a grifter/pickpocket and general ne’er-do-well, join together to make a fine duo. Catching onto the fact that they are suspects in their fathers death, Woody drags Eric into trouble by returning to their fathers lab to look for clues. However, their presence at the lab proves to cause nothing but misfortune for themselves, the police, and the laboratory itself.

Quantum_and_Woody_frame_4Writer James Asmus (Gambit, End Times of Bram and Ben) creates a fantastic dysfunctional brother dynamic between Eric and Woody and a fitting beginning to this story.  Eric and Woody’s estrangement is handled in a very believable way and their history growing up makes for many interesting anecdotes and character interactions as well as old grudges.  If anything, I found myself intrigued more by the characters than the plot of the story.

Maybe I’m just a sucker for the serious guy/goofball team-up, but just hearing the concept of Quantum and Woody had me curious to start reading the series. And I don’t know if it’s a matter of loving comic relief so much as it is that I enjoy the idea of people not taking the responsibility of crime-fighting seriously.  Or, perhaps I enjoy people who have fun doing what they do. I mean, I love Spider-Man and Deadpool, the most notorious of “fight-quippers”. Maybe some part of me just loves quips.

That aside, Quantum and Woody is your story of people overcoming differences and working together for a shared goal. While it’s not a new story (what is these days?), this series takes it’s own spin on things, creating a fun and entertaining character dynamic that I hope continues throughout the series.

Quantum_and_Woody_frame_3Originally written in 97’ and rebooted this year, this series has undergone some changes in characters and plot. And while I haven’t read the original series, this series already seems to tie our protagonists together more tightly with their familial relationship (they aren’t family in the original series, but rather childhood friends), and I can’t really see the series working out better any other way.

The artwork by Tom Fowler (Arrow, Venom) is pretty fantastic as well. Faces are extremely expressive and detailed, and action is sufficiently chaotic to express the rambunctiousness of the characters without becoming jumbled or disjointed.  Many of the flashbacks to Eric and Woody’s childhood contain some fairly solid emotional moments, though the comedic feel to the rest of the issue may seem to put a damper on things.

Quantum_and_Woody_frame_5Ryan Sook (Justice League Dark, DC Universe Presents) does some great work on the cover art for the series, which was one of the main things that caught my eye and lead me to pick up this issue in the first place.  Equal parts dynamic and absurd, one of issue #1’s cover’s most striking parts is the goat. Not appearing in issue #1, the goat was apparently an integral part to the series in it’s original run in 97’ and will make his first appearance in the series in issues to come.

Any which way I look at it, Quantum and Woody is a lot of fun to read. And while it may not push any boundaries in it’s issue #1, it promises a lot of fun as well as a sibling superhero team in a leading role, which we don’t see a lot of. With that, if you get the chance to pick this series up, I definitely suggest you do.

Overall Score
90 %

Writing 90%
Art 95%
Story 85%

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