I think the narrator best describes how I feel about anything Project Superpowers near the beginning of Black Terror #1,” What he feels now is nothing. NOTHING,” because that is how I feel about Project Superpowers.

Let’s rewind a bit. Project Super Powers is the child of Alex Ross and Jim Krueger. Since most publishing companies NEED to have a “Super Hero” universe Dynamite Entertainment brought them into to the picture to take public domain characters from Fox Comics and Crestwood Productions and sculpt them into the Super Heroes.

How do they bring these golden age heroes into the light of today? by a contrived plot device which left all of the worlds super heroes (save two, The Fighting Yank & the Green Lama) trapped in Pandora’s Box after Hitler released all of it’s evil out into the world.

But we can continue this after the break.

For some reason the US Government did not like all these super heroes running around and convinced Yank to go around and collect them in the box.

Flash forward to today and The Yank is not feeling very happy about what he’s done, so he travels over to visit the Green Lama in Tibet to contemplate what he’s done decades ago.

Eventually all of the heroes are let out and they try to adjust to the world today.

…..and I think this sounds super cool, right? Sadly I just don’t care about any of the heroes here.

I’ve tried, but I fell like none of the Heroes had any development, it was just like, “Here ya go… have some golden age super heroes that people have forgotten about but are public domain so we’re gonna use them all.”

So now we come to Black Terror #1. The break out star from Project Superpowers. Ummm…I didn’t realize there was a break out star to this series. I had to look up who the main character was on wikipedia, I mean this story is just that forgettable to me. But here he is, he’s got his own book and wow is it sub par like the rest of the series.

I’ve read and re-read this issue and I still cannot fathom how it came to be. The writing is cliched and the art work… well I’m surprised that Alex Ross has ANYTHING to do with the art direction.

I understand that the writing tone is in the grandiose fashion of the Golden Age and this makes sense since most of these Super Heroes walked right out of that time period, but what gets me is that even though the character of Black Terror has had his back story explained, his motivation has been defined and he’s been given a proper purpose, I still don’t care.

Plus, the one thing that I would expect to be stellar in a Alex Ross project would be the art, but unfortunately, Ross paints better than he directs. While the covers in Project Superpowers have been fantastic, the interior work is lacking in that fresh crispness you would associate with Alex Ross and while I realize he’s not the one doing most of the art I would expect consistency to be kept up through out his works instead of this 90’s looking crap (supplied lovingly by Mike Lilly, known mostly for supplying sketch cards to trading card companies), that leaves you wishing they would have finished drawing the villains instead of blending parts of them into the black background.

Whatever. Right now Project Superpowers is just not the BAM POW WOW Super Hero universe that Dynamite Entertainment is looking for, which is sad cause it has potential. Hopefully it can grow into the universe it needs to be, but right now I’d say it’s floundering to it’s death.

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    Nice to have another writer on board! Warmest welcomes, Shawn.