Project Shadow Breed is eye catching, especially given that issue #0 is only eight pages of sweet goodness on tree pulp. This may just be an introduction into the new West Michigan publishing company Different Breed Comics, but this is a great start. Why do I say this? Because we are introduced to a U.S. Government agency that has developed werewolf soldiers and soldier Max Presscott has gone rogue.

Project Shadow Breed is the goodness of what Marvel’s Punisher has been known for, but with an intelligent monster that uses military skills to clean up a widespread government plots that are more sinister than good. Traveling throughout the country, Presscott has his hands full as he uses whatever tools are at his disposal to complete his mission.

I like the setup. I enjoy the fact that it didn’t come off as a basic hack and slash of werewolves and gore. Props to Justin Bartz and Josh Schneider for their story telling skills that make this worthwhile to read. The main character uses modern methods to achieve their means and has his full mental competencies rather than those of your standard werewolf. The art from Matt Maldonado isn’t bad. The only criticism I have is that I want to see more texture over the course of the series as it seems just a little flat right now.

Final Impressions:                                                

Project Shadow Breed has a unique quality that is enough to get me into the series and looking forward to issue #1 that comes out at the end of October. With an interesting character, potential for the plot to go national or beyond, and the goodness of what good intentions done through the way of the fist, Project Shadow Breed is a new series worth adding to the pull list.

Check out Different Breed Comics on their websiteFacebook and Twitter to stay in the loop of any fun release news, convention schedules, and more! It is a great chance to support and up and coming indie comic that is also Michigan local. So get out there and start reading this gem! You will need to contact the your local comic shop to get issue #0 and the upcoming issue #1, but it will be worth the money spent!

Project Shadow Breed #0 is available on DifferentBreedComics’s site.

Overall Score
90 %

Corruption, government experiments, werewolves, and all the right things in comic book life for a issue #0!

Plot 90%
Setup 95%
Art 80%
Indie Goodness 100%

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