Welcome back to Previously In…, DestroyTheCyborg’s weekly look-back at what happened last week in pop culture news. I’m your News Editor, Nick Nelson, and I’m here to bring you all the best news that you might have missed or just the stuff we think is worth mentioning here. Our writers here at DTC have been scouring the internet this week and we have a whole list of great news for you to check out. So let’s get started, shall we?

Comic Books

Rich Johnston has some love for Dan DiDio

“Despite the controversies of late with creative staff, the New 52’s pitfalls, and all of the hate, Bleeding Cool’s Rich Johnston offers a counter to all of the negativity and dislike towards DC’s Editor-In-Chief, Dan DiDio.” – Mike Rapin

Men dressed as Batman and Captain America rescue cat from fire

“First, how awesome is it to hear of DC and Marvel characters teaming up like this? All kidding aside though, I love these stories about real-life heroes dressing up like fictional heroes and doing some good.” – Nick Nelson

How comic book companies are destroying marriages in their pages

“CBR has this great look at all the ways that DC and Marvel have been destroying the marriages of their characters. A particularly important article as we continue to debate (and berate) DC for their Batwoman decision.” – Nick Nelson


J.K. Rowling is diving back into the Harry Potter-verse with a new movie

“This is optimistically exciting news. Rowling will be writing a prequel-esque story based on a textbook from the books/movies. Sounds a little odd, but it’s good to see that Rowling is the one writing it and it’s just not the studio trying to squeeze a little more money out of the franchise. Though, I’m sure it’s a little of that, too.” – Nick Nelson

Miyazaki’s ‘The Wind Rises’ to debut in North America in November

“Miyazaki’s supposed last film will be debuting in North America just in time to meet the cut for Oscar nominations.” – Mike Rapin

Ant-Man release pushed UP to Summer 2015

“Surprising, and exciting, news about the Ant-Man movie being pushed up from a November release date to July 2015. Not only is this a great sign that this movie is going to be able to compete with summer blockbusters, it’s also a good sign because it will be competing against some of the biggest. Avengers (though, more likely a compliment to this film), Batman/Superman (or Superman/Batman, or whatever) and possibly a lot more big franchise blockbusters are all slated to debut that summer.” – Nick Nelson

Video Games

AbleGamers opens it’s first lab to help disabled gamers play

“AbleGamers, a charity foundation seeking ways to help disabled gamers, opened it’s first AbleGamers Laboratory in West Virginia, thanks to the generosity of the gaming industry as a whole they were able to take their first step in helping disabled gamers around the world.” – Jon Augustyn

PS4 vs Xbox One verdict? PS4 is “50% faster”?

“In the never ending battle between Sony and Microsoft several developers have said that the PS4 is up to 50% faster than Microsoft’s Xbox One. Supposedly, Microsoft has been slow to update the Xbox One’s graphics drivers which has been the reason for the discrepancy between the next gen consoles.” – Jon Augustyn

Valve will let you share Steam games with friends and family on up to 10 computers

“Popular gaming company, Valve (Left 4 Dead, Half Life, Portal), will be allowing gamers to share their games on up to 10 devices, but not at once. No announcement on any extra cost, but games requiring 3rd party payments will not be sharable.” – Mike Rapin


Arcade Fire releases video/first single for “Reflektor” the title track from their forthcoming album. [YouTube]

“Arcade fire is taking on a decidedly different sound for the first single eschewing indie/alt rock for more of a disco/80’s pop sound.” – Matt Brier


The BBC reveals a new image for the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special as well as a schedule of specials across all channels.

“The poster art is quite striking, as if we the fans weren’t fully pumped already.” – Matt Brier

Big Finish is teaming with Paizo Publishing, LLC. to produce a line of full cast audio dramas based on the Pathfinder property.

“Big Finish is best known for producing audio dramas based on Doctor Who, Dark Shadows, Highlander, Sherlock Holmes, and more.  They have a pretty substantial following and their productions are top notch.” – Matt Brier

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