A little light on news this week. Seems like all the comic book companies are waiting until NYCC to announce anything big and there just didn’t seem to be anything big in the world of movies this week. Still, we have a few items from the music and video game categories to entertain you this Monday afternoon.


The Dead Weather announce new recordings

“The Dead Weather, a Jack White project, has announced that they are getting ready to release a new 7 inch two-track recording.  It will be released in the Third Man Records Vault Package #18 along with a new live recording from the Raconteurs, another Jack White project, that was recorded live at the Ryman Auditorium.  The Dead Weather plan on releasing a series of two track recordings through 2015 at which time they will be compiling the released material and additional material into a new album.” – Matt Brier

Video Games

Nintendo Stops Leaks, Personally

“With the October 12 worldwide release of Pokemon X and Y rapidly approaching, eager 3DS owners have been itching to get their hands on a copy of the newest title from the long running franchise, and apparently someone did. Almost two full weeks ahead of launch one lucky(?) gamer was able to get their hands on a retail copy of the game and subsequently went to the internet to post spoilers. Nintendo, however, caught wind of the leak and immediately sent a representative out to retrieve the game and halt the leaks.” – Jon Augustyn

Valve files trademark for Half-Life 3

“With last week’s Steam OS announcement a bitter taste in some people’s mouths, it was found that Steam very recently filed a European trademark for, that’s right, Half-Life 3.” – Jon Augustyn

Half-Life 3 Trademark A Hoax?

“Remember that listing for Half-Life 3 that Valve supposedly trademarked? Apparently it might be fake. A week after being listed, the trademark has vanished completely from the Trademarks and Design Registration Office of the European Union (OHIM), and in it’s place there is now a trademark for Portal 3.” – Jon Augustyn

Future SimCity 3 May Have It’s Required Internet Connection Severed

“Maxis, the developer of the SimCity franchise revealed that they might eventually implement an “offline mode” for their latest entry, SimCity 3. This comes as a slight surprise as EA, Maxis’s publisher, had initially stated that an offline version of SimCity 3 was “not in the vision” of the game.” – Jon Augustyn

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