As I sit here typing up this week’s Previously In… post and watching football, I’m amazing at the breadth of pop culture we can enjoy in this world. Some of us dig spending a whole day watching football, some of us binge on Breaking Bad all weekend (hint: that was what I did this weekend) and some of us get really excited about comics, movies, music and video games. Luckily for you, our writers are those kind of people that get excited about this stuff. And because they get so excited, they spent the last week finding all the best news from around the Internet so that I can present it all to you in our weekly news digest. This is Previously In… and here we go!

Comic Books

Marvel Teases A Trial By Fire for “All-New X-Men

“With NYCC arriving on October 11, Brian Michael Bendis’ series All-New X-Men teases a new image for the post-Battle of the Atom characters of the series. Marvel promises to provide more information at this year’s NYCC.” – Mike Rapin

Social Networking Hits Article On Florida’s Palmcon – And Its Writer

“This may be a bit odd to be posting in an article about an article about an article, but nonetheless: A reporter in Palm Beach, Florida, reported a piece on PalmCon–a local convention–that, in a few words, insulted the attendees based on their manner of dress.” – Mike Rapin

NBC to produce and air Constantine TV show

“Since everyone else is jumping on the superhero bandwagon, NBC decides to pull out a Constantine pilot because… why not? Seriously though, this makes pretty decent sense for a comic book TV show. Supernatural elements, procedural drama, loner-type anti-hero. This has all the makings of good television. If they do it right.” – Nick Nelson

Fox to produce Gotham TV series about a young Jim Gordon

“Not to be outdone, Fox wants to do a show about young Jim Gordon, before he meets Batman, called Gotham. Once again, because, why not? Once again, police procedural + Batman = must see TV, right? Probably. Again, if done right.” – Nick Nelson


Some group of kids covered “46 & 2” by Tool, and it’s the best cover you’ll ever hear.

“Music instructor Aaron O’Keefe, based out of Maineville, OH, teaches students ages 10-18 across various instruments. His lessons are unique in a number of ways, but mostly in that kids will get a chance to play in a band, as seen in this performance. The video has caused waves across the internet and is probably the best Tool cover you’ll ever hear.” – Andrea Sebring

Andrew W.K. is writing a book – “The Party Bible”

“The President of Partying himself is writing a new book, and fans probably won’t be surprised to hear that it’s on partying. Andrew W.K. is partnering with publisher Simon & Schuster  to release the book “sometime in the near future,” and it will be focused on his “career as a professional partier.” Party on, Andrew.” – Andrea Sebring

Tupac Shakur’s mother sues Death Row owners for $1.1 million

“Miss Shakur’s Mom (Afeni Shakur) is suing Death Row Record’s owners, EnteratinmentOne, for over a million dollars in royalties. Shakur intended to release her son’s entire body of work, but hasn’t received the rights, or any royalties from recent years. Mama Shakur could probably use these yet-to-be-relinquished songs with some upcoming productions that she’s heading: the 2pac biopic, Tupac, and the in-progress musical based on the rapper, Holla If Ya Hear Me.” – Andrea Sebring

Video Games

Valve one step closer to a “Steam Box”?

“Valve finally unveiled their long in development “Steam OS”. The new operating system from the makers of Half-Life and Portal is a Linux based streaming service that is claimed to work on “any living room machine”. As to whether or not SteamOS is limited to living room PCs (because who doesn’t like to sit on their couch and game?) or not is yet to be revealed.” – Jon Augustyn

FFXIV: A Realm Reborn 2.1 patch revealed at TGS

“At this year’s Tokyo Game Show video game mongul, Square Enix, showed off the upcoming patch to the surprisingly popular relaunched MMORPG, Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. Patch 2.1 will add new a new boss fight, new difficulties for existing boss encounters, a new 24 person raid called the “Crystal Tower”, new quests, PvP, and player housing. Patch 2.1 is expected to launch later this year.” – Jon Augustyn

Valve unveils Steam OS controller

“Finally, the last of Valve’s big news announcements was made clear when they unveiled the third part of their new Steam OS, the steam controller. The controller itself actually lacks the traditional buttons of its contemporaries, trading buttons and joysticks for haptic touch pads, dual track pads, and a touch screen the new controller is, at least for those of us with sweaty hands while playing, not the ideal solution that Valve is touting it as. As unfriendly as it is to sweaty handed gamers, Valve has made it clear that the controller is itself is quite “hackable” allowing for any and all kinds of modifications as gamers and developers see fit.” – Jon Augustyn

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