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  • the-weekly-pull-list
    16 2014 December

    The Weekly Pull List – December 17th, 2014

    Continued… My old pal, Emery! Haggard as ever. His hair was a mess, his clothes all in tatters. “This can’t be coincidence,” I thought all aloud. Emery stared at me furious, beginning to scowl. “How dare you...

  • the-weekly-pull-list
    09 2014 December

    The Weekly Pull List – December 10th, 2014

    Continued from last week… As I made my way down the street, rhyme scheme in mind, I thought to myself: What is the time? Surely it’s early, the sun’s barely risen, but will the shop...

  • 500x500xThe-Near-Future-Low-Res.jpg.pagespeed.ic.HOYc5JyV-C
    09 2014 December

    I Fight Dragons – The Near Future

    So, I’ve mentioned before that this was going to be a good year for music. And so far it has been with the new albums from New Found Glory, Weezer, and the almighty Foo Fighters (which...

  • Iron_Fist_The_Living_Weapon_7_cover
    08 2014 December

    Iron Fist: The Living Weapon #7

    I’m not really obsessed with this series, I swear. Kung fu and superheroes really hit the mark for me, and Kaare Kyle Andrews’ “one-man-show” (Almost. Don’t forget editors/letterers. Don’t ever.) continues fantastically into it’s second...

  • the-weekly-pull-list
    02 2014 December

    The Weekly Pull List – December 3rd, 2014

    Continued from last week… Still in my robe, I ran to the street. Umbrella in hand, slippers on feet. This was a magical day to say some of the least, the comic shop needed saving,...

  • the-weekly-pull-list
    25 2014 November

    The Weekly Pull List – November 26th, 2014

    Continued from last week: I stormed down the stairs, from my room without care. “There is still time, this day!” the thought racing through my mind. So much to do in such little time, and...

  • TheFirstKingdom06Page000CoverDetail
    24 2014 November

    Jack Katz’s The First Kingdom Volume 6

    They say that the end is a good place to start, but that’s usually about writing. While reading Volume 6 of The First Kingdom I was at times wishing I’d read the first five, although...

American Vampire: The Long Road To Hell

American Vampire: The Long Road to Hell

July 9, 2013 | 0 Comments

The boys are back in town. By boys I mean Scott Snyder and Rafael Albuquerque, and the town that they have finally returned to, if only for a short while, is American Vampire. After Snyder announced that the series was going on a mid-point/halfway mark hiatus, he and Albuquerque have decided to satiate our hunger...

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Paramore self-titled album cover.

Paramore – “Paramore”

July 8, 2013 | 0 Comments

After their last album, Brand New Eyes, two of Paramore’s founding members, Zac Farro (drummer) and Josh Farro (guitarist), decided to depart from the band leaving just Haley Williams (lead singer), Taylor York (guitarist), and Jeremy Davis (bassist) to carry the band. However, over the past three years Paramore has never stopped moving forward and have...

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Despicable Me 2

July 8, 2013 | 0 Comments

Cast Steve Carell – Gru Kristen Wiig – Lucy Wilde Benjamin Bratt – Eduardo Miranda Cosgrove – Margo Dana Gaier – Edith Elsie Kate Fisher – Agnes Directed by Pierre Coffin and Chris Renaud Rated PG for rude humor and mild action. Review There was a time not so long ago when animated family movies seemed like...

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Album cover for Ordinary Silence.

Mixtapes – “Ordinary Silence”

July 4, 2013 | 0 Comments

As I’ve said before, this is definitely the summer of music. More and more interesting stuff just keeps on coming out, and boy do I mean interesting. Coming straight to you from Cincinnati, Ohio is a new album by indie-punk band Mixtapes, Ordinary Silence; but let me tell you- it’s far from ordinary.As I’ve stated time after...

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When a band takes it upon themselves to tap into and pay homage to the sound that inspires them one of two things happen.  Either you get an album that sounds like a cheap money grab, or an album that shows respect and reverence for the source material.   A good homage record takes the source...

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X-Men #2

X-Men #2 – Xcellent

July 3, 2013 | 0 Comments

The second issue of X-Men shipped and it’s a doozie chocked full of possession, fights, and X-Men.  So much so that I can’t help but name the review accordingly. (If Marvel can make X puns then so can I.) So what makes this book inspire cheesy titles? It must be the ladies. Slight spoilers under...

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Amala's Blade #0

Amala’s Blade #0-2

July 2, 2013 | 1 Comments

All it took was one glance at the cover of Amala’s Blade #0 and I knew I had to have it. Rarely does that happen to me in the comic shop, but there she was, this fierce little warrior woman surrounded by dastardly cyborg pirates. And does she even notice them? No. She was staring...

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White House Down

July 2, 2013 | 0 Comments

Starring: Jamie Foxx – President James Sawyer Channing Tatum – John Cale Maggie Gyllenhaal – Special Agent Carol Finnerty Jason Clarke – Emil Stenz James Woods – Martin Walker Joey King – Emily Cale Directed by: Roland Emmerich Written by: James Vanderbilt Rated PG-13 for prolonged sequences of action and violence including intense gunfire and explosions,...

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Justice League #21

Justice League #21

July 1, 2013 | 1 Comments

It’s the final showdown between Shazam and Black Adam and Billy’s alter ego doesn’t stand a chance. The wizard’s evil avatar has wielded the living lightning for centuries while our hero’s channeled it for just a few short days. Not only that but the Seven Deadly Enemies of Man are on the loose, Sabbac reveals...

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JAFAX logo


July 1, 2013 | 0 Comments

This year I was lucky enough to take my first trip to a large convention, but before I went headfirst in to the massive crowds and headliner celebrities, I started my convention going a little closer to home at Grand Valley State University’s JAFAX (Japanese Art, Film, and Animation Expo). Located in Allendale, MI, JAFAX...

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