The Story: Mr. Yang is a newly hired teacher at the Saint Remington Academy in London, working long hours and dealing with his new bosses, until one night he’s awakened by the sounds of a man being dragged off into the sky by some invisible source. Tractor-beams! Aliens! Now Mr. Yang must live up to the comics’ prophetic title.

With writing and artwork by illustrator Mickey Lam, it’s clear from the get-go where his strengths lie. Dialogue often feels unnatural; characters speak thoughts out loud or speak unnaturally for someone in their situation or occupation. In one scene, Mr. Yang awkwardly chastises a parent about theirs son buying junk food instead of review books for class. And in another scene, when asked about where he got his coat, Mr. Yang answers with a  cool “yer mum”.   And when this isn’t the case, much description of the characters action are pushed into thought bubbles, often going into more detail than is needed or going on for far too long.  On one page, Mr. Yang monologues in thought-bubble form from top to bottom complaining about his job and lack of social life.

Mr_Yang_Fights_Aliens_panel_2But anyone who’s read comics for any length of time can appreciate the circumstances under which a illustrator takes up the reigns of writer, or vice versa.

Mickey Lam’s artwork is really where it’s at with this comic. Lam has a clear grasp on the human form and movement, action playing out fairly nicely and the majority of poses looking very dynamic.  But where he really shines is in nature and architecture.  London cityscapes are highly detailed, almost photographic.  This heightened detail carries over to many of the character close ups throughout the comic, but unfortunately does not extend to every panel. The artwork of some panels feels rushed, contrasting heavily with the extreme detail of his other artwork.

Mr_Yang_Fights_Aliens_panel_3I admire the artists that set the time aside themselves to create their own comic as I know it takes a lot of time and effort. As a fan of a lot of different artists in the comic industry, it’s fun to see new artwork, and I hope Lam’s artwork continues to grow and change.  And as many reservations as I had about Mr. Yang Fights Aliens, Mickey Lam has some real talent and an eye for detail and I hope to see more of his work in the future. Perhaps even collaborative work with other writers and artists?

Mr. Yang Fights Aliens can be purchased in print or digital form on Mickey Lam’s etsy site.

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