Morning GloriesNow that Morning Glories is a quarter of the way through its run, does anyone have a better idea as to what on Earth is going on in this crazy school? No? Yeah, me neither. As I caught up on the series and had my friends ask me what I was reading, I was drawing a blank as to how to explain the series.

I can’t even imagine how Nick Spencer and Joe Eisma pitched the series in the first place. I mean, just when I thought that I was beginning to understand the series (and by “understand” I mean “I am still confused but not as confused as I was a minute ago”), time travel became a much bigger part of the series as we saw in the fourth trade and in issue #26. When time travel comes into play, you know you’re in for a major headache with trying to keep up with everything and see how it all falls into place with the “present” storyline. Oh boy.

Issue #26

Issue #26

Issue #26

The prodigal daughter Casey returns (sorta)!

I’ve enjoyed Casey’s character from the very beginning, because she comes off as such a “good guy” and she can practically do anything since she is so freaking smart. I worried that people might think she is a Mary Sue because of this, but I like to think that Spencer is creating a new archetype of “female character who is really good at taking care of business and isn’t embarrassed by her awesome skills.” This issue is all about how our hero’s time in the past affects the present day for our band of not-so-merry characters.

The dialogue this issue is pretty funny, but isn’t that always the case when a character goes back to the past and knows what’s going on in the present? Her interaction with Abraham is illuminating (Illuminating by Morning Glories standards), and his attempt at flirting with Casey is chuckle-worthy, albeit creepy. But the most amusing exchange of dialogue is between Casey and her reflection, as she notices after her transformation that she looks a little like our favorite headmistress.

With Spencer’s writing this issue being quite enjoyable, it’s a bit of a shame that we get four pages that are free of text. Joe Eisma’s art is great and all, but four pages seems a little excessive. However, it does create more mystery and intrigue, since we see events go by without any explanation. and isn’t mystery what this series is all about? Well, mystery and awesome art.

Eisma is on fire this issue, not only with his character designs, but just with the overall scenery and background images.  Way back during the first arc of the series, I was not a huge fan of Eisma’s art, especially since I would be getting the art of Rodin Esquejo. Eisma has won my affections and I couldn’t imagine a better artist for the series.

The issue’s “What?!” moment is a great way to end the first “episode” of season 2. This issue is in no way a good place for readers to jump on, so if you are planning on reading this series, then you MUST start from the beginning. It’s totally worth it.

Issue #27

One of the many different covers of issue #27.

One of the many different covers of issue #27.

Two pages into this issue and I am already cursing in surprise.

This double-sized issue of Morning Glories contains so much information and near-reveals of plot points and story elements that it is a lot to take in in one sitting. Multiple timelines are present in this issue, so my head is already about to explode. It will be interesting to see how Spencer will balance these timelines in future installments where issues aren’t double-sized.

Jade gets the cool-gone-comical(ish) storyline this issue, which I rather enjoyed. In recent issues characters have been saying that Jade is nothing special and is a bit of a disappointment as a Morning Glory Academy students, but here Spencer puts her in a situation where she takes the lead and is somewhat in control. Well, at least for a few pages she is. By having Jade show some backbone makes her seem less helpless and less of a burden to her friends, and makes it believable that she will become the successful Future Jade that we’ve caught glimpses of. And speaking of Future Jade…

Two of our favorite redheads share the page together as Hunter probes Future Jade for answers to what on Earth is going on. This was my least favorite storyline of the issue, because there was a lot of questions and not enough answers. We do get some great imagery of destruction provided by Joe Eisma, but other than that, this plot thread was full of dialogue that was well written, but just wasn’t adding anything all that new to the ongoing plot other than showing a different timeline.

Casey’s story this issue was my favorite, giving the character moments of self doubt and vulnerability that are necessary when dealing with an already strong, “morally good” character like her. It’s also really freaky seeing our hero look so much like one of the series greatest antagonists. I’m assuming that this is intentional, but the resemblance is so freaky that I hope it is brought up in future issues.

In the past timeline, Casey’s mom talks a lot about how awesome her daughter is, which is a little bit much, but she is a proud parent and Casey is practically a demigod, but I think that it was cathartic for Casey to hear her mother talk about her like that. We end the issue feeling uncertain of the future, but that’s how one always feels at the end of every issue of Morning Glories.

Spencer and Eisma put a lot of effort into making this giant-sized issue an amazing and enjoyable read and it shows. At times the amount of information packed into this issue seemed like a lot, but the snappy dialogue and moments of action balanced it all out. Season 2 is off to a fantastic start, paving the road “for a better future.”

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