Something Fierce Volume I

Something Fierce Volume I

Marian Call.  If you haven’t at least heard the name in passing then you haven’t been following geek culture, but don’t worry I’m here to help you out.  “Something Fierce.”  If you are a fan of music, you’ll want this album.  Two years in the making, this album was released this past October to the delight of many long time and new fans alike.  Was the two years used wisely?  I’ll spare you the suspense and answer with a definitive ‘Yes.’

Marian Call’s career started with the release of her first album, “Vanilla,” in 2007.  Originally conceived as a side project for friends, family, and a handful of friends in her adoptive home of Alaska, the album started finding fans beyond those borders.  She embarked on a tour of the south west United States in 2008.  During that time she also worked her way through a “Songs of the Month” project with everything from the semi-serious to the tongue-in-cheek.  That album was released in 2008.

Her increase in fan-base was partly due to winning the “Firefly” themed ‘‘Sing a Song of Saffron” contest. This would be the basis for Quantum Mechanix, an online purveyor of science fiction props and collectibles, commissioning an album entitled “Got To Fly.”  The album was a mix of geek themes including songs directly related to “Firefly” and “Battlestar Galactica.”

Around the same time she started working on her latest release.  In 2010 she embarked on the 49>50 Tour.  During that year she embarked on a massive road trip/concert tour driving across the United States, flying to Hawaii, playing a concert at ThinkGeek headquarters, and playing a couple of Wootstocks as well.  She also continued writing and recording.  Much of the album was funded by fans through her ‘Donor’s Circle’

Two and half years after it was started, “Something Fierce” was ready for an eager listening audience.  A two disc release, musically it falls squarely into a singer-songwriter/folk album with flourishes of jazz, torch, and even a little rock.  Subject matter ranges from geek culture and romantic relationships to life on the road and her adopted state of Alaska.  The first disc is probably most diverse of the two with a wider range of subjects.  The second disc is a more intimate affair.  Both discs are great though.

Something Fierce Volume II

Something Fierce Volume II

This project is hard to describe.  Every time I’ve listened to it I’ve been surprised by something new that I hadn’t heard before.  In addition to pushing her lyric writing ability, she also explores her vocal range a bit more on this album showing a well rounded growth all of the way around.  “Something Fierce,” as well as the rest of her albums, is available through  You can also try before you buy through streaming the full album there for free.  Check it out, it is definitely a winner.

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System analyst by financial necessity. Writer by necessity of expression. DJ because music is in my Top 5 essentials for living. I grew up on a steady diet of comic books, science fiction/fantasy, and a wide variety of musical genres.

In addition to writing for Destroy the Cyborg I also produce a weekly podcast at Idiosyncratic Transmissions.

14 Responses to Marian Call – Something Fierce

  1. JaniceOly says:

    I enjoy her songs about Whedon’s “Firefly” ‘verse; she knows nerdhood rocks!

  2. mariandk42 says:

    Love her songs and love this album! Underground is a great song, Dear mr. Darcy is just funny, I could go on forever…. Just listen to it at bandcamp and you’ll be sold!

  3. Jenny K says:

    I love Marian’s music and she’s a lovely person in real life. I got to meet her, sort of, at JCCC2 this year. I recounted my “Oh, whoops, I forgot we’re not actually friends” moment with her on my humble blog at

  4. Alexander says:

    I think I know where you’re coming from, Jenny K: I’ve only met her once, yet I feel almost as if we know each other well — and the reason lies in her lyrics.

  5. Haha YES. I’ve met Marian a couple times, including a longer chance to chat when a few folks went out for drinks after a show, but its still kind of eerie to periodically realize I feel like I know her so much more than I actually do, thanks to her lyrics (and twitter).

    But seriously, this album is FANTASTIC. I’ve had one disc or the other on repeat in my car for WEEKS. I finally decided to add something else back into rotation– her earlier album, Vanilla. 🙂

  6. Paul says:

    I have all her songs in rotation with the rest of my huge library and it *never* fails, when one of her songs comes up it makes me smile. Her songs are wonderful, sweet, uplifting, energetic, reflective… *real* songs from a *real* person – not some song-machine somewhere. Her voice is beautiful, her lyrical gift is remarkable, go listen to her songs on bandcamp and buy her music. You will not be disappointed.

  7. Dr.Bonobo says:

    Something Fierce is great! There’s an avocado song. What more can I say?

  8. Whip-smart lyricist; punchy, off-beat composer – great performances.

  9. dholowiski says:

    Song: Highway Five, Wow. This song brought tears to my eyes. What a great album.

  10. Spider42 says:

    Winter is coming
    Joy warms the heart however
    With Marians new tunes

  11. Papaki says:

    I love that this girl, though from the frigid tundra, fills your heart with warmth.

  12. frissonic says:

    So, my thing with Marian Call is that a) she’s ridiculously talented; b) if there’s a completely opposite to a “one-trick pony,” she’d be it; c) I never tire of listening to her voice; d) she embraces nerd-dom with a brazen disregard for what anyone thinks or cares. So many people hide behind a facade of a persona mask, all in the hopes that they’ll be accepted by a certain crowd or whatever. Not Marian Call. You are either in her camp, or you are escorted to the edge of the forest and left for bear fodder.

    She reminds me of a Gilmore Girls ep. Rapid-fire dialog, witty, filled with pop-culture references (though trending more towards the Big Bang Theory-kind of references, which is totally fine by me).

    Bandcamp, people. Bandcamp. Check her out.

  13. Beny says:

    Coffee By Numbers! Now that’s a song to live by! Jazzy, weird, awesome,