Admittedly, I arrived late to the Luther Strode party, only reading The Strange Talent of Luther Strode and The Legend of Luther Strode in trade over the past few months.  But, I was immediately taken with the artwork and the small slice of the world Justin Jordan and Tradd Moore have created.

Luther Strode is a lot of things; It’s an underdog story, it’s a story about self-control, it’s a story about power. It’s a story about people punching each other really hard. And while I wanted more of this story, I wanted more because I felt it was missing something.  I felt I wasn’t getting enough of the mystery behind The Talent. The Hercules Method. I wanted scope. I wanted depth. I wanted history. And Legend of Luther Strode seems like it will deliver all that and more.

Minor spoilers for the uninitiated:

The Story…

Escaping their arrested among the massacre that occurred at the end of The Legend of Luther Strode, Luther and Petra have been in hiding in the country for five years when a series of killings brings them back into the city to confront the organization that helped make Luther the person he is.

The killers aren’t trying to hide however, leading to an immediate confrontation where Luther reveals one critical piece of information. He now knows how to kill people who possess The Talent.  This leads to one of the most beautifully executed if prolonged comic book fights in recent memory.  From the scene of a mass murder to a jammed up stretch of freeway, Jordan and Moore deliver a brutal and awe-inspiring super-human beat down that tears up people, vehicles, and concrete roadways alike.  At forty-seven pages, this issue is the action-packed return to the world of Luther Strode I was hoping for and more.


The Art…

Tradd Moore’s artwork is fantastic and makes me wonder why I haven’t read more books that he’s been involved with.  His extremely dynamic style really lends itself to Luther Strode’s “strange talents” and makes for some of the most incredible action sequences I’ve yet to see in a comic book.  Characters have indelible repercussions on their environments and it’s the artwork that really sells it.  Muscles bulge, people bleed, and steel and stone bend and break when faced with Luther Strode and his ilk.  Honestly, I’m so amazed by Tradd Moore’s artwork in this series that part of me wants to hunt down and pick up other series he’s worked on, if only for more of his jaw-dropping style.


But, More Than That…

More than the unbelievably cool fight that takes up a sizable amount of the issue, I was blown away by the first six pages of the issue wherein we get a peak of the history of The Hercules Method in a retelling of the story of legendary hero/strongman, Samson. This is what hooked me in the series more than anything.  More than the art. More than all the fighting. More than the underdog power fantasy.  “What is The Hercules Method? Where did it come from?” All questions I asked myself. But above all, the idea of gaining power through “self-supremacy” drew my attention.

Opening on Samson, tying Luther Strode to another legend, was huge in my mind.  While not revealing any more about the origin of these powers, it expanded the world in a big way, and gave Luther and the world a sense of history in a way few others comics have.  My only hope is that, like this issue, the rest of this series opens in a similar way, tying Luther to other legendary figures and further illuminating things and granting new perspective to readers.



If you can get one extra comic  a month, I highly recommend picking up The Legacy of Luther Strode. Heck, go back and pick up The Strange Talent and Legend of Luther Strode as well. They’re only six issues apiece, and a total blast to read. A action comic book four years in the making, Legacy of Luther Strode is definitely going to be one of the books I look forward to every month.

Legacy of Luther Strode is available for purchase on Comixology, Image, and your Local Comic Shop.

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