Remember way back when and I was ranting and raving about how much I loved Kick-Ass?kick-ass7-01

Well, those times are back because after a long, long, long, long, long flipping waiting period, we’re finally given a comic that seriously rules all others: Kick-Ass #7.

If you don’t remember what happened last time, let me lay it on the line:

Kick-Ass, aka Dave Lizewski, has been trying to be a super hero. He’s had his ass kicked multiple times, has been hospitalized for along period of time, has had a metal plate put in his head and all the while he’s trying to live a regular nerdy life. Then enter Big Daddy and Hit Girl; heroes who kick ass and have been inspired by Kick-Ass. Add Red Mist to the mix and you have a great combo of heroes. Right? Wrong. Red Mist was working for the mob who’s been hunting Big Daddy and Hit Girl and they’ve been set up, along with Kick-Ass, to be slaughtered.

That was up through issue #6. More on this month’s issue after the break. (spoiler images after the break)

Kick-Ass #7 page 20 -- a very bad ass scene

Kick-Ass #7 page 20 -- a very bad ass scene

Kick-Ass #7 began exactly where #6 left off: Kick-Ass in the hands of Red Mist, tons of mob guys kicking the shit out of Hit Girl and Big Daddy and Dave thinking “I am screwed.”

This issue is absolutely fantastic in it’s story. Page after page of shock and awe and badassery come in together to make this one issue of Kick-Ass the best yet. Knowing the story and knowing the characters, I really felt blown away in some points in this issue as everything began to click and explain all sorts of motives for some of the characters as well as move the plot forward into what is most likely to be an eighth issue full of nothing but end-all-be-all kick-ass-ness.

John Romita Jr.’s art is no let down either. He and Mark Millar make an unbelievable team. There’s one major frame in this issue that had me shocked as to what was happening and it was Romita Jr.’s art that made it that much “shockier.” I truly love the art in this comic and this issue really shines with Romita Jr.’s unique style that makes everything about Kick-Ass great. (See also: the cover for this issue)

This part of the comic gave me so much respect for one character

This part of the comic gave me so much respect for one character

This month’s issue is the first of the two giant lead-ups to the end of this series (or this first arc, I’m not really sure) and I definitely say that Mark Millar is planning to make the ending of this story to be one of the most brutal, bad ass, and bloody fight scenes you’ll see in a comic book. John Romita Jr. is keeping up the pace with absolutely beautiful art that gets better frame after frame. I’ll be running around like a four-year-old on crack when issue #8 is out. If you haven’t been reading this comic… find a way to read it or die. It’s honestly that good.

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  1. I can’t agree more. This issue is the stuff dreams are made of. It twisted my guts around real bad in parts, made me smile enormously in others. (ie, the case of comic books panel and the last panel) A++ Excellent review.