John Amadon 'The Bursting Sheaf'

John Amadon ‘The Bursting Sheaf’

Blasting out of the Portland, OR scene, John Amadon’s new release ‘The Burning Sheaf’ is coming your way on March 5th. The artist is new to my ears, but the sound rings true with catchy, power pop melodies.  Influenced by the Beatles, Teenage Fanclub, and Neil Young this follow-up to 2011’s ‘Seven Stars’ is ready to draw you in and get your foot tapping.

On my first listen of the album, which is also my first time hearing the artist, I was immediately drawn in by the opening instrumental.  The upbeat tempo had me grinning and wondering what what was in store for the rest of the album.  I wasn’t disappointed.

The sound builds on decades of sound that has come before.  One minute you feel like you are listening to a 70’s blues rock band at its prime, the next you’re caught by melodic indie rock.  It is a sound that sticks with you as well.  Several times throughout the week I’ve found myself humming a tune or singing a chorus from the album without a second thought.

The musicianship is top notch.  The guitar work is impressively thought out.  It is driving when it needs to be, but also falls in step with vocal harmonies without missing a beat.  This is a musician at the top of his trade.

If you like Wilco, My Morning Jacket, Teenage Fanclub, or Spoon you will definitely dig this album.  If you are looking for something to throw on to help gear you up for the coming spring and summer, this album will put you in the right mindset.  It is unfortunate that this collection will probably not be heard on the radio outside of the artist’s region, even on stations that specialize in playing lesser heard music.

Fortunately the internet fixes that.  Check this album out, listen to previews, and if you like it, purchase it to support the artist.

4 out of 5 stars.

One note, for those who with children or prone to play music at any level at their place of employment, one song on this album does have a ‘naughty’ word repeated in it a couple of times.

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