I Have Not Seen the Wind Cover

I Have Not Seen the Wind Album Cover

Arthur Alligood is a name you are probably not familiar with unless you happen to follow the Nashville singer-songwriter/folk scene.  If indeed you don’t find yourself familiar with the Mr. Alligood may I suggest that your life is somewhat lacking.  Lucky for you that you are reading this review and are afforded the opportunity to improve the quality of your life.*

Arthur’s third full length album, I Have Not Seen the Wind, was released yesterday,  3/15/2011.  In an era where independent singer-songwriter/folk musicians are dime a dozen it takes talent to stand out in the crowd.  Mr. Alligood has that talent and this is an album you don’t want to miss.

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I was introduced to Arthur Alligood’s music through his 2009 EP Full Circle which is available for an email address through his website.  Early in 2010 he started recording this album.  However, somewhere during the year funding started to run thin.  So Mr. Alligood turned to Kickstarter.com and his fans for help to finish the album.  The fans overwhelmingly responded.

The album is subtitled ‘Poetic Narratives with Musical Accompaniment’ which is a very apt description.  The lyrics are solid and descriptive.  The music is clean and crisp with styles varying from track to track.  The album starts slow with ‘Show Some Heart’ and Arthur on vocals and guitar.  It then proceeds to shift up a couple of gears with the rocking ‘Keep Your Head Up’ and it only gets better from there.

The album works on many levels.  I initially categorized it as music to throw on and listen to on a road trip or to have playing in the background while I’m writing or programming.  It goes beyond those simple classifications though.  Pulling the headphones on and giving the lyrics a good, focused listening brings a new level of complexity to the whole endeavor.  All in all the album just works.

If you a fan of some more well known musicians like Ray LaMontagne, Iron & Wine, or I would go so far as to say Jack Johnson, you’ll find something to like on this album.  As of right now I don’t see any listings for the album to be ordered digitally, though I would imagine it will show up at the majors.  Physical copies can be ordered through Arthur Alligood’s website where you can also stream the album in its entirety.

Playability factor:  97%
4.5 stars out of 5.0

* Neither this reviewer nor DestroyTheCyb.org! make any guarantees as to quality of live improvement from listening to this album.  As always your mileage may vary.

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  1. Matt Brier says:

    Follow-up to the review, the album is available digitally at http://arthuralligood.bandcamp.com.