Ho ho! Another episode and another topic! This week, I was joined by a co-conspirator/friend of mine, René Rodriguez, to talk about Robert Kirkman’s amazing series: Invincible.

Although the focus of the episode was on Invincible, René and I couldn’t help ourselves but stray a bit from the topic to include The Walking Dead comic and TV show.

This episode was quite a blast and a bit longer than previous episodes, but I know you’ll enjoy it!

This week’s music was brought to you by Free Music Archive.org and the YouTube Audio Library:

Chris Zabriskie – “Cylinder One”
Chris Zabriskie – “Cylinder Five”
Chris Zabriskie – “Cylinder Six”
Chris Zabriskie – “Cylinder Nine”
Psychadelik Pedestrian – “Pacific”
C. Scott – “Belview”
Huma-Huma – “Sunday Stroll”

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