I’m always looking for new comics, and with the way both DC and Marvel have been behaving of late, I tend to look to the independents when I’m searching the shelves for something new. As I was perusing the local comic book store’s shelves this week, I ran across a lone copy of a book called farlaine the goblin (I use lower case because that is how it’s done on the book).  I took the book up to the register and asked Alec, the guy who pretty much runs this store, to please remove it from the plastic. The book is NOT the standard size comic, and I knew any attempt by me to take it out would end up disastrously.

Once Alec had wrangled it from the protective plastic, he handed the book over, and I flipped it open . . . Ahhhhh, black and white. I, for one, love simple B&W comics. And one look at the main character, Farlaine, had me sold. I wanted to balk at the $5 dollar cover price, but with 50 pages of beautifully drawn art work, I couldn’t. I told Alec I’d take it, and he began the chore of trying to force the odd-shaped comic back into it’s cover. Try as he might, however, Farlaine refused to go back in the plastic, and now that I’ve read the work, that somehow seems fitting.

So, let’s talk about the book. It’s written by . . . well, the author, and it’s drawn by . . . well, the artist. But hey, I know it’s published by Studio Farlaine (NO, I’m not kidding). Ok, so the book doesn’t give much away in terms of who actually created it, but I’m ok with that. What matters is that the book is awesome (and I don’t use that term lightly). I can’t tell you the last time I felt so utterly connected with a character, Farlaine. Well, actually, I can . . . Bone. Whoever this person is (I refuse to assume it’s a guy), he or she has created a character and a world that I have already fallen in love with. I mean really, who could possible hate this face, right?

Farlaine img

So this is the tale of a young goblin, Farlaine–who happens to be a Shaman from the Forest of Fin-Din, and his companion Ehrenwort. Together they’ve wandered “the very many Oddlands of Wug in search of a forest” to call their own. To date, the journey includes 300 Oddlands that they’ve traversed and rejected for various reasons. This leaves only ten left to choose from, and this tale (not book) is the adventures of these last ten.

I will admit that the story presents some challenges in the beginning, but what new story doesn’t. It took me forever to realize that Farlaine’s companion is actually a tree. The two of them have been through a lot together in their travels, and Farlaine’s love for Ehrenwort is apparent when they plunge off of a cliff; Farlaine lands safely on a ledge, but when he sees Ehrenwort go sailing past him, he quickly dives off of his safe ledge to save his only friend. That is true friendship. Farlaine tends to Ehrenwort and says

. . . And make sure you’re ok
You are ok?
No split branches?
No broken roots?
No wounded Pride?
Sniff . . . Sniff . . .
Don’t go jumping offa cliffs ya bushy headed Tree!
Sniff . . . Sniff . . .
At least not without me . . .
Stupid Shrub

The sheer emotion of this soliloquy along with the images are why I love this book. I will anxiously be waiting for the next installment of farlaine the goblin which is set to be released in October, with the third one in December. If you are interested, it might be a bit tough to find in your comics store, so you can check it out at here or on facebook at farlainethegoblin.

Overall Score
100 %

This is a new book with an Anonymous creator, but it's a fantastic tale of creatures you've never heard of before. Fall in love with Farlaine and his companion Ehrenwort as they traverse the Oddlands of Wug. There is nothing not to love about this book.

Art 100%
Story 100%
Writing 100%

About The Author

My name is Dianna, and I hail from the land of the lakes, aka Michigan. My full time job has me running a writing center, teaching writing classes (hopefully soon teaching a comics course), and doing all sorts of techy things, since that’s what I did in a previous life.

At this point in my life, comics are both my passion and my research. I am lucky in that I get to combine my passion into my everyday work. But here at Destroy the Cyborg I get to have fun and chat about what I'm reading. Feel free to chime in on my post, even if it's to tell my how dead wrong I got something.

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