This Saturday (the 18th) at noon, the DestroyTheCyborg Extra Life team will have its first mini marathon fundraiser leading up to the November 7th actual marathon. We will be playing Minecraft with the goal of starting a new world, getting to the end, and slaying the ender dragon all before 8 PM the following day (the 19th). And, as per usual, some/most of us will be streaming the event.

Last year we raised just over $1,000 between two people. We’re counting on your support to make this year the best year that team DestroyTheCyborg has ever seen.

During this time, you can donate to any of our marathons to hinder our progress. But why would you want to do this? The reason is twofold:

  • First, because it’s a good thing to do. The donations go directly to support the Children’s Miracle Network hospitals.
  • Second, because if we aren’t able to defeat the ender dragon within the time limit, there are consequences for us (depending on how much was donated during the mini marathon).

The Bad Stuff:

$0 – $99:
We will stand in a lawn and have freezing cold water dumped on us

$100 – $250:
We must obtain something suitably gross or spicy and eat it (like cow tongue or wasabi)

$251 – onward:
We will be hunted by someone with a paintball gun

These events will, of course, be recorded and posted online for everyone’s viewing pleasure.

The Hindrances:

For $2, you can:

  • Prevent someone from sneaking for 10 minutes
  • Prevent someone from drinking a potion for 10 minutes
  • Force someone to throw away a tool, weapon, or piece of armor of your choosing
  • Turn night to day or day to night

For $4, you can:

  • Force someone to use only one hand to play for 10 minutes
  • Force someone to stand while playing for 10 minutes
  • Force someone to immediately drink a poison potion
  • Force us to kill all of a certain kind of animal that we have (of your choosing)

For $6, you can:

  • Prevent someone from communicating (in game or out) with the other players for 10 minutes
  • Prevent us from closing our doors for an entire night
  • Force us to kill all o four animals
  • Force someone to throw away a stack of materials (of your choosing)

Or, if you want to just donate without causing us hindrance, that’s just as welcome. It’ll still count towards the overall total of what potential Bad Stuff we might have to do if we fail to complete this event.

If you want to read up on our team and what Extra Life is, you can find more out on our team’s page or on Extra Life’s webpage.

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