Duck Game is hard to fit into any one category. Take the frantic pacing and fun of Super Smash Brothers, mix it with the zany comedy of the Worms franchise, a dash of Monty Python, and an old-school arcade machine and you have Duck Game. It’s a bright, colorful, loud, arcadey action/fighting game that feels like a breath of fresh air in a market full of sequels and remasters. Duck Game is a sleeper hit from the mind of Landon Podbielski. Originally released last year on the Ouya console, Duck Game is now available on the PC/Steam platform and published by Adult Swim Games.


Duck Game has no story to speak of. The only thing we know comes from the store description and states “Futuristic year of 1984, an age where ducks run wild in a frantic battle for glory.” And that’s all you really need to know. You’re a duck, you’re wearing some kind of wacky hat and it’s time to blast your friends. Even though there’s no story or directed narrative this kind of game doesn’t need it. Duck Game gets a 10/10 for story.

Decisions decisions..

Decisions decisions..


I am in love with the aesthetic and styling of Duck Game. It’s bright, colorful, detailed, and never comes off as low res or of poor quality. Beyond the attention to detail and colorful style are a bevy of cool liquid and particle effects. Weapons and explosions throw off sparks, glass shatters in a satisfying manner, and it’s a delight to watch water, gas, or fire flow and cascade around the map. Add in a pounding retro soundtrack that gets you pumped whiled you play and you have a game whose style feels like an old Nintendo game that’s been mashed with an arcade cabinet and touched up for a high definition monitor.  It contributes to an old school style of pure, unadulterated fun which really makes the game shine. For it’s wonderful aesthetics and fantastic soundtrack Duck Game gets a 10/10 for Graphics.


This got out of hand.


Duck Game is a platforming, twitchy, actiony multiplayer fighting game at it’s heart. While it does offer singleplayer options, the bulk of the game’s content lies in it’s multiplayer. The concept is very simple. You, and up to three other players are dropped into an arena littered with weapons, boxes, and other goodies and the last Duck standing wins.

Some Duckin' is about to go down.

Some Duckin’ is about to go down.

The controls are simple but fluid and responsive. It’s very easy to get your character to act how you want them to, no mushy or floaty controls or movement in this game. There are a wide variety of weapons ranging from the standard sort, swords and guns, to more wackier examples such as a mind-control ray, remote control car and even a book that lets you temporarily convert another duck to your team for that round. What I love most about the action in Duck Game though is it doesn’t take itself seriously. There is no competitive balance; some weapons are better than others and some only exist for the sake of comedy. It never feels unfair though, some rounds you might get lucky in placement, some rounds you won’t but it’s all in good fun.

Box vs Shotgun.

Box vs Shotgun.

Support for the game has been excellent so far. A huge update just came out fixing a lot of small bugs, adding modifiers (extra options for rounds such as making boxes explode when touched and other fun variables, and adding Steam Workshop support for the game. This allows players to make and share their own maps, hats, and other cosmetic mods with the rest of the player base. Currently the multiplayer population isn’t huge but is large enough to generally get into a game; but this level of support and user interactivity should encourage further growth.

"This is fine"

“This is fine”


That all being said, would I recommend Duck Game for purchase? I absolutely would. It looks and sounds fantastic, it’s a joy to play, it has a growing multiplayer community with solid support and regular updates, and only costs 12.99 for a single copy or 39.99 for a four pack. Duck Game is shaping up to be one of my favorite games this year. I have sunk over 50 hours into it since release and not stopping anytime soon. It’s an insane value for what you pay and is easily worth twice the going price.

Duck Game is a hidden gem of a game that deserved more attention. Do yourself a favor, don’t go out to eat once this week, and pick up this game. You won’t regret it. For it’s lovely aesthetics, frantic action-packed gameplay, and stellar price, Duck Game gets a 10/10.

Duck Game on the Steam Store

Overall Score
100 %

Story 100%
Graphics 100%
Gameplay 100%

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