Happy Thanksgiving, faithful readers and listeners! It’s still early in the day, so before you go and ingest all of that tryptophane and wine and subsequently  pass out on your family’s couch, make sure you check out this week’s DTC Listens! I promise that you’ll be glad you did. Here are the songs our writers are thankful for this week!


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Andrea Francois

A Perfect Circle – “Rose”

A Perfect Cirlce’s debut album, Mer de Noms, is on par with Queens of the Stone Age’s Songs for the Deaf for me as far as solid rock albums go. Not only that, but the mixing on this album, and especially this song, is some of my favorite that I’ve ever heard. I hear something new in every listen that wasn’t there before.

 Del Amitri – “Tell Her This”

I honestly  don’t really know how to explain my love for this song without sounding like a total cheeseball. So I’ll just say, at least it’s not “Roll To Me.”


Anna Rayburn

Ellie Goulding – “Joy”

The entirety of her album, Halycon, is full of incredible songs that I binge on time and time again, but lately its been all about, “Joy.” Mostly because, during this time of the year, it’s hard for me to come by. Snow and holidays are two of my least favorite things and this song embodies that feeling of finding that something that should make you feel good just sometimes doesn’t and we have to find that happiness elsewhere. A nice slow jam to spill your feelings out to.

 MNDR – “Feed Me Diamonds”

This song has a sickening beat and an interesting subject of a person realizing that being nice can really just put you in last place, so why not just take what you want from the world. Also, the video features, Raven, one of my drag idols. How can I not be in love?


Kali Sluyter

To Kill a King – “Bloody Shirt”

 I took a recommendation from one of my favorite bands, Bastille, and discovered To Kill a King and now I don’t want anything else in the world.  They’re soulful and textured and really, really lovely.

 Old Crow Medicine Show – “Wagon Wheel”

 I went to Nashville last weekend, heard this song about 50 times, and now can’t get it out of my head.


Mike Rapin

Say Anything – “I Want To Know Your Plans”

This song is just plain killer for me. I mean, it’s Fall and pretty damn cold here in Michigan so all I want to do is listen to angsty/sad music. Say Anything’s …Is A Real Boy hits that on the nose in terms of being angsty and mildly sad. Max Bemis, you are a crazy man and I love you.

 The Strokes – “Reptilia”

This is probably my favorite Strokes song and it’s full of enough awesome to keep me upbeat for a good 4 hour period with just one listen. This song is absolutely perfect and became an instant favorite of mine way back when I first heard it. To this day, I love it with all of my heart.


Jonathan Francois

Lady Gaga – “Applause”

This song has a special place in my heart. It came on the radio as I was speeding down an empty stretch of highway toward the venue where I was to be married later that day. As of late, this song has been all over the radio, so I’ve been hearing it quite often and basking in the memories it calls to mind.

 Kavinsky – “Blizzard”

A friend introduced me to Kavinsky’s Outrun and I haven’t been able to stop listening to it. If the cigarette lighter in my car still worked, I would be jamming out to this every day on my way to/from work. Instead, I’ve had to settle for every other part of the day.


Matt Brier

Miles Davis – “So What”

From the album Kind of Blue which was the album that cemented jazz into my listening habits.  I have a habit of listening to jazz more in the fall and winter, something about it works well with the cold weather for me.

Jim James – “State of the Art”

The video for this song was recently released and it really captured my imagination.  I am a fan of his work with My Morning Jacket, among others, and was surprised that I had missed his release of Regions of Light and Sound of God back in February.


René Rodriguez

Way To Fall – “Holding Out”

I found out about this band a month ago. Their whole EP is fantastic but this song is just about unrequited love and it’s pop-punk. It’s all about holding out for that person that is never gonna come around and at first you don’t get that because you’re too busy rocking out to it, but after a few listens you’ll just be like, “damn, man.”

 Maybe Next Time – “Nothing On the Surface”

This song the title track of this band’s new album and honestly, I freaking love this song with a passion. It’s a classic opening track with strong drums, bitchin’ guitar parts, and some synth in the background for good filler. It rocks and it fades into how we all feel about life sometimes. I’ve been listening to it almost non-stop. I might have a problem.


Attention! That’s it! Don’t forget to let us know what you’ve been listening to. Let’s get our eats on!

About The Author

Andrea is currently the Site Administrator and Music Editor at DestroyTheCyborg!, and in real life works as a corporate drone for a mid-west retailer. Like most people, she did not go to school for any of those things. In her spare time, she plays her musical things, video games, and occasionally goes outdoors. She loves beer and wine, and avoids dirtying dishes at all costs.
Andrea is the wife of video game and comic reviewer, Jon Francois, and together with their cats, have a life goal of ruling the world (or just sort of hanging out, whichever proves to be easier).

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