We took a little break, but DTC Listens is back on a once-a-month basis. Our writers get together to share their favorite tracks that they’ve been jamming on, and we compile them into a playlist for you. Pretty great, right? We enjoy it a heck of a lot, and hope you will too!

Due to our diverse taste in music (and Taylor Swift being Taylor Swift), some of the songs are not available on Spotify. For those tunes, we’ve linked you to a YouTube video so you can still take a listen.

Andrea Francois

The Score – “Oh My Love”

I know it’s not summer yet, but this is my song of the summer, hands down. I found these catchy men on SoundCloud and may have been humming it incessantly since then. That freakin’ chorus, man.

Jennifer Holliday – “And I’m Telling You I’m Not Going”

Dreamgirls has been a favorite musical of mine since prior to the Jennifer Hudson remake, and Holliday’s voice is the reason for that. Watching her perform it is a transcendental experience in it of itself, and if you haven’t watched it yet, do yourself a favor and get your heart torn out.

Jonathan Francois

Taylor Swift – “Style”

There goes T Swift, stealing my attention with another of those catchy songs. This song is in that wonderful peak of popularity where I can hear it every day at 5 PM on my way home from work.

Lilly Wood & The Prick – “Prayer in C”

I hadn’t heard of this band until this song was on the radio all the time. It’s just the right amount of catchy and melancholy so that I can pretend to be in a drama/sad movie as I’m driving home and sun is starting to set at my back.

Anna Rayburn

The Black Dahlia Murder – “Moonlight Equilibrium”

Who doesn’t love a song about being a werewolf and this one is heavy and catchy as it can be. BDM always provides the best of metal and this song is no exception with ripping guitar shreds and tearing vocals.

Glassjaw – “Ape Dos Mil”

This slow and driving tune is a remnant of my teenage years that still gives me the best kind of chills. It’s a great song to kick back and chill out to, but not fall asleep. Not to mention the music video is creepy as all get out.

Scott Gregson

Maximum the Hormone – “Koi no Mega Lover”

It’s certainly not new, in fact Maximum the Hormone have been on hiatus up until recently, but this song contains their whole style all at once. Pop catchiness, death metal shrieks and a great sense of humour are all here and it’s just a fantastic song as well. I hadn’t put them on in ages but they came up on a playlist and I was right back with them. Yeah, it’s in Japanese.

DOLL$BOXX – “Fragrance”

Another Japanese band, this time a little more metal, but with a powerful vocalist (plus some death metal shrieks from the drummer for good measure). Being something of a “Supergroup”, all the girls are members of other bands, they only have one album, but the whole thing’s great, start to finish. I just play this one a little more than the others.

Kali Sluyter

Who is Fancy? – “Goodbye”

Apparently nobody knows who the hell Fancy is but I don’t even care, because this song is flawless.

Jason Derulo – “Want to Want Me”

Jaaaaasoooooon Deruloooooo released this a few weeks ago and it sounds like some modernized hybrid of early Prince and Michael Jackson and I’m ashamed at how much I’ve been listening to it.  But really, it’s awesome.

Matt Brier

Houndmouth – “Sedona”

The first single off of their new album Little Neon Limelight has been available for awhile and it is just so catchy. It kicks off the album and is one of my favorite, if not the the favorite, track on the album.

Sufjan Stevens – “No Shade in the Shadow of The Cross”

Quiet, delicate, and very powerful.

Paul Jaissle

The Mountain Goats – “The Legend of Chavo Guerrero”

I’ll admit, I’ve never been much of a Mountain Goats fan, but their new album –which is all about pro wrestling– has me intrigued. This track is a catchy and surprisingly moving tribute to Chavo Sr., member of the legendary “Los Guerreros” wrestling family.

The Shivvers – “Teenline”

I recently discovered The Shivvers, an early ‘80s power pop band from Milwaukee, thanks to the re-release of their debut last year. Alongside Tommy Two Tone’s ‘867-5309’ and The Nerves’ ‘Hanging on the Telephone’, this is yet another great telephone-themed power pop love song.

René Rodriguez

One Ok Rock – “Mighty Long Fall”

I just found this (Japanese) band recently but I fell in love hard with them purely because of this song. One Ok Rock’s style is the direction I wish alternative rock would’ve went in the US. It’s catchy, rhythmic, but still aligns closer to hard rock than anything else and the singer has a really good voice.

BabyMetal – “Uki Uki Midnight”

BabyMetal is my guilty pleasure and I don’t care who knows. I like pop and I dig metal and this is literally the best of both worlds. This song dips a little into dubstep but I like it because it’s got good energy and is a continued story from a song earlier in the album, plus it’s just really catchy.


About The Author

Andrea is currently the Site Administrator and Music Editor at DestroyTheCyborg!, and in real life works as a corporate drone for a mid-west retailer. Like most people, she did not go to school for any of those things. In her spare time, she plays her musical things, video games, and occasionally goes outdoors. She loves beer and wine, and avoids dirtying dishes at all costs.
Andrea is the wife of video game and comic reviewer, Jon Francois, and together with their cats, have a life goal of ruling the world (or just sort of hanging out, whichever proves to be easier).

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