For most of us, fall is almost here! September brings a new school year, crisper air, and tasty jams. Let’s take a look back on what we were listening to in August.

Andrea Francois

Grace (feat. G-Eazy) – “You Don’t Own Me”

A wonderful remake of Lesley Gore’s original. Grace’s voice is perfect to handle this song and G-Eazy adds an updated flair to the classic. I love this song.

Sum 41 – “Handle This”

I was going through a thing last week, ok?


Anna Rayburn

Bat For Lashes – “What’s A Girl To Do?”

A lead singer with a haunting voice and heartbreaking lyrics of a love gone cold really bring this song to another level on the somber scale. It’s power is undeniable and, frankly, I’m a sucker for anything that makes me sad.

Florence + The Machine – “My Boy Builds Coffins”

Another haunting tune that gets me in the mood for cool summer nights where you can only hear the light breeze carrying the sounds of crickets through the treetops. There’s some serious chill factor to be found in this song.


Rene Rodriguez

I The Mighty – “The Dreamer”

I only recently got into this band and this was the song that did it. I love the layers that this song is made up of. It starts fast with a great guitar echo and sucks you in with the beautifully chilling vocals. It has equal levels of bravado and emotional breakdown that I really love.

The Ongoing Concept – “Unwanted”

A wonderful new metal band that is constantly evolving the genre with new twists, turns, and incredibly thought provoking lyrics. This is the first single off their newest album that came out earlier this year. Unwanted has a little techno sound but with amazing guitars and strong drums as well as earth shaking vocals. It’s already become one of my all time favorites.


Kali Sluyter

Deerhunter – “Snakeskin”

This song somehow meshes some weirdo Southern gothic lyrics with an off-kilter, funky beat, and I cannot get enough.

Lou Reed – “Satellite of Love”

I’ve been listening to Transformer a ton in the last couple of weeks, and I always forget how catchy this song is.  I love the chord changes in the build-up to the chorus, and that high note Bowie hits in his backing vocals near the end.  Shout out to “Perfect Day”, though, the other unsung hero of that album, and while I did not include in this months’ DTC Listens, it is definitely a must-hear as well.


Jonathan Francois

The Protomen – “III: The Will of One”

I realize I can’t pick an entire album for there things, but if I could, it would be this one. Because it’s a rock opera about Mega Man. Go ahead, read that again if you have to. If you at all grew up playing any of the Mega Man games, you owe it to yourself to listen to this song, but really this entire album at least.

Guster – “Satellite”

I discovered Guster when I first went to college and spent a lot of time in the car with my friends listening to this song. It really takes me back down memory lane when it pops up on my suggest listen list. If I close my eyes, I can almost pretend that I can stay up to the crack of dawn and get up fine the next day without any negative repercussions.


Paul Jaissle

Destroyer – “Times Square”

Dan Bejar is one of my favorite songwriters, so new music from his band Destroyer is always a cause for celebration. This track from the upcoming Poison Season manages to capture Bejar’s mercurial style and esoteric lyrics in an upbeat pop song.  

Frankie Goes To Hollywood – “Born to Run”

This summer marks the 40th anniversary of Bruce Springsteen’s break-out album Born To Run. Even though I’ve never been a big fan of “The Boss”, I love this high-energy cover version of the album’s title track.

About The Author

Andrea is currently the Site Administrator and Music Editor at DestroyTheCyborg!, and in real life works as a corporate drone for a mid-west retailer. Like most people, she did not go to school for any of those things. In her spare time, she plays her musical things, video games, and occasionally goes outdoors. She loves beer and wine, and avoids dirtying dishes at all costs.
Andrea is the wife of video game and comic reviewer, Jon Francois, and together with their cats, have a life goal of ruling the world (or just sort of hanging out, whichever proves to be easier).

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