Here in Michigan, Spring is playing the long-con. Warmer weather has graced us ever so briefly and left us with hope that it will one day stick around for more than a week. From this month’s playlist, it’s obvious that our writers are ready for something different.

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Andrea Francois

The Mountain Goats – “Foreign Object”

This is the second monthly DTC Listens to contain a track from The Mountain Goats, and I am ok with this trend. “Foreign Object” has a couple of things that I love about it, namely the title, but also the fat, groovy horns combined with Darnielle’s upbeat chorus “I’m gonna jab you in the eye with a foreign object. I will personally stab you in the eye with a foreign object.Jennifer Holliday – “And I’m Telling You I’m Not Going”

Mumford and Sons – “The Wolf”

OK HEAR ME OUT. I am very vehemently not a Mumford and Sons fan for many reasons. I think all of the guys are very talented musicians who found a shtick that worked and ran with it. That’s fine, whatever. When I heard the new album was going all Bob Dylan, I was even more cynical than before. However, I am a damn adult and take responsibility for my mistakes. Partially. “The Wolf” has some pretty typical Mehmford lyrics, but the band’s talent stands out with the music and I hope this is an indication of things to come. I could be converted yet.

Anna Rayburn

Sia – Elastic Heart

This heart wrenching song from Sia’s newest album, 1000 Forms of Fear, has been a favorite of mine since its release. With lyrics that tell the tale of Sia’s struggle within herself, it strikes at the heart strings with little mercy. It’s one of those songs that you can listen to whenever you feel down and it lets you know that you’re not alone.

My Chemical Romance – Vampire Money

The last song on their, Danger Days, album that sends them out with one hell of a bang. Insane, non-stop lyrics and charging guitars pick you up from the beginning and refuse to let you go. It always kind of reminds me of that song from Kill Bill: Vol. 1  in the tea house. Super peppy and really fun, it’s a great song to get you pumped up and ready to punch the day right in the face.

Kali Sluyter

Brandon Flowers – “Still Want You”

I often ask myself “What happened to The Killers?” and then listen to their first two albums on repeat for a few days.  I didn’t love Flowers’ first solo album, Flamingo, but this song off the upcoming The Desired Effect is so damn good I have high hopes.  It’s kind of throwback, with a cool keyboard line and super-cute lyrics.

Fetty Wap – “Trap Queen”

I don’t know, but I love it.

Jonathan Francois

Tove Lo – “Talking Body”

I love summer because of all the wonderful, terribly trashy pop songs it brings with it. I heard this song once. ONCE. And that was all it took to get stuck in my head. It’s obnoxiously catchy and you are a liar if you say that you don’t hum the song for a day or two after you hear it.

Jason Derulo – “Want to want you”

No shame. No judgement. This song is fantastic. It’s a feel good song that is too catchy for its own good. Just listen to it, okay? Then you’ll understand and we can hum the tune together.

René Rodriguez

Sleeping With Sirens – “Kick Me”

I’ve recently come to accept that there will always be a scene kid inside me who just loves to shout and listen to fast tempo rock music. I’ve never really liked Sleeping With Sirens but garsh is this song catchy and plain damn fun to rock out to.

SWANKY DANK – “Sink Like A Stone” feat. Hiro (from MY FIRST STORY)

I found this band thanks to a good friend of mine and this is one of my favorite songs from their newest EP. It’s fast, catchy, and has a little bit of “oomph” in it that adds a little more attitude to the song. Though I’m not that big a fan of Hiro’s band, MY FIRST STORY, his voice mixes well with SD’s singer for a pretty rad bridge (plus his introduction is kinda rad.)

Matt Brier

Queen – “Death On Two Legs(Dedicated To…)”

I started collecting vinyl again in the past year and one of the albums I picked up recently is Queen’s “A Night At the Opera.” Having only listened to Queen’s greatest hits, dropping the needle and hearing the build up on this song was somewhat life changing.

My Morning Jacket – “Big Decisions”

I’m eagerly awaiting the new album to drop. “Big Decisions” recalls their earlier work, but only inasmuch as projecting their early work through the lense of Circuital. This gives me big hopes for the whole album.

Paul Jaissle

Best Coast – “Feeling OK”

I can’t wait for the new Best Coast album —California Nights— to drop. They’re the perfect summer band, and this song is just begging to be played at full blast while driving around with the windows rolled down.

Shoes – “Okay”

One of the my prized finds from this year’s Record Store Day is the Primal Vinyl collection from the legendary power pop band Shoes. This song –from the band’s classic Black Vinyl Shoes album– is one of the best love songs ever written, and the fact that it was recorded in the band’s living room all the way back in 1977 is pretty amazing.


Attention! …That’s it! What are you listening to this month?


About The Author

Andrea is currently the Site Administrator and Music Editor at DestroyTheCyborg!, and in real life works as a corporate drone for a mid-west retailer. Like most people, she did not go to school for any of those things. In her spare time, she plays her musical things, video games, and occasionally goes outdoors. She loves beer and wine, and avoids dirtying dishes at all costs.
Andrea is the wife of video game and comic reviewer, Jon Francois, and together with their cats, have a life goal of ruling the world (or just sort of hanging out, whichever proves to be easier).

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