Once in a blue moon, the first issue of a comic blows my mind. And I know that phrase gets overused, so let me to rephrase and/or elaborate. Very rarely do I find a series that manages to start off on the right foot and do everything perfectly. The first issue in a series can often be tricky, and I have almost come to expect the pitfalls associated with the first issue in a series.

Many of us have seen these problems in the veritable slew of #1’s we received this in the past couple years from independent publishers and big publishers alike. And with comics becoming more and more mainstream, we’re only seeing more series start up as independent writers and artists post their series online.

But this is the kind of story I wait for.  This is the kind of story that I search desperately through the release lists for. This is the type of comic I wish would get more attention. This is Deer Editor.


The Story: Bucky is the editor of the crime portion of the newspaper ‘The Truth’. He walks the beat looking for stories and finds himself embroiled in the crimes of which he writes about. He also happens to be a deer. Following up on the appearance of a John “Doe”, in the morgue, Bucky gets caught up in something bigger than he was anticipating.

Imagine replacing Jack Nicholson in Chinatown or Humphrey Bogart in The Maltese Falcon with a deer, and you’ll have some idea of what writer Ryan K Lindsay has created for his readers. It takes a slightly different angle with Bucky being a newspaper reporter/editor, but the plot points are still fairly similar. But in a good way.

Although the starting plot points are similar to most detective/mystery stories, one can overlook it for the bigger eye-catcher. The protagonist is still a deer. And this is where Deer Editor excels and brings something fresh; wonderfully combining straight-faced murder/mystery and the outlandish. And while that may be it’s initial biggest selling point, it’s fantastic enough that I overlooked most tropes of the genre.

One of the mystery’s is Bucky’s appearance. No origin story. No history through flashbacks. Him being a deer is referenced in deer-related puns that are made subtly throughout the issue, but it’s never explained why he looks the way he does. And I wouldn’t have it any other way. The focus is the case, and Bucky’s appearance only adds spice and en-DEER-s the series to the reader.


The Art: Artist Sami Kivela has a fantastic style for the series, and, perhaps equally important, he is fantastic at drawing deer. Maybe it’s the fusion of the seriousness of the detective/murder mystery vibe and the completely out of place appearance of Bucky, but the visuals were what sold me on the series. And partially because of this, I’ll follow the series to it’s conclusion, whatever it may be.

Bucky’s appearance does make room for some elaborate visuals and a new take on action in the genre.  Most scuffles in mystery series are dull, but Bucky’s antlered features give him tools in a fight as well as the ability to keep pace with suspects and cars alike:


A kickstarter series, like so many comics these days, Deer Editor released it’s first issue two months ago with a second issue in the works for an unspecified date. Check out this series if you’re a fan of the mystery genre as Deer Editor is really set to go places. Personally, I plan on keeping an eye out. Setting reminders. Google alerts. Whatever it takes to get in on backing the second issue and keeping this story going.

Deer Editor is available only to Kickerstarter backers at this time.

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