Crossed #1 cover

Crossed #1 cover

If you are a the type of person who doesn’t have the stomach for gore and things that will just mess your mind up, stop reading and don’t pick up Crossed #1. Seriously. Don’t.

I picked this book up because I just have a weird love for Garth Ennis. I read Back to Brooklyn #1 and loved it and I know his monster run on Punisher was phenomenal so I decided to give this a go. I welcomed death with open arms after the first 8 pages.

But let me explain more and give you a reason to love fear and pain after the break. I warn you, I will be cursing everything and everyone in this review.

I’m not sure where this comic is coming from at all. I’ve read it and reread it three or four times and I can’t seem to find an inkling of an idea of what this comic is developing to.

It begins with a man and a woman looking in a rape-kill-fest of some other man and woman far off in the distance by a small group of guys with a strange cross-shaped marking across their whole face. These two onlookers are a part of a group of ‘survivors’ who live in a cave as they try to escape whatever the hell happened to this town. It’s honestly never explained in this issue. It’s made obvious, though, that if these angry and super-violent get wind of non-super-violent-rape-hungry people, they come ready to kill.

Table salt won't do you shit...

Table salt won't do you shit...

The story is told in a self-written narrative from our main character Stan who doesn’t want to bull shit whoever may stumble upon his story. We’ve got a man named Joel who thinks he knows how to beat these ‘things’ that were once people with salt….

Jump to a really fucked up flashback. The blind woman of the group had just lost her eyes somehow and Stan and a guy named Tom are running from utter destruction of their neighborhood. Just when they think they are out of harms way, some insane woman with the cross markings on her face knocks over the fence Stan and his group are hiding behind. She’s screaming nastiness as she is run over by a truck and Stan and his friends are saved. Just a preview into this horrendous world.

Next thing we know, the group is moving from the cave. Joel and his wife and daughter are lagging behind the group when Joel’s wife starts to cry out that she can’t go on. They’re moving up the hill and at the bottom of the hill are the crazies. Joel pours salt in a circle around himself and his family… wrong move. I’ll just say that because the scene after that is too fucked up to describe.

And that’s pretty much the end.

You don't even want to know what is happening in this scene...

You don't even want to know what's going on here...

I don’t know where Ennis is going with this series but it’s too fucking sick and good to stop. I’m utterly confused as to what the fuck is going on in this series–who are these crazy people? are they zombies? are they alien infected? who knows? I just want more of this series. I need to know only to keep me sane.

The art is perfectly gritty from Jacen Burrows and combined with Ennis’ petrified writings of Stan it makes for a comic you can’t stop reading. Buy this series. Get every issue because there is nothing like it out on the market.

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2 Responses to Crossed #1 review — just kill yourself

  1. bigTrue says:

    Stumbled on your blog, and have to say I completely agree. My crack-dealer of a comic shop owner pushed CROSSED #0 on me months ago, and I was pretty interested. Something about the line that went “As Walt began fucking the hole he’d widened with the knife…” or however it went.

    Flash forward to the infamous end of #1, and I was hooked. Belly cut open, hung from a tree to drain, but damn, I was hooked.

    Now I want to slap people across the face while yelling “HORSECOCK!”, and I’m all a giddy for the next issue.

  2. CrossedFan says:

    In the scene you’re referring to, the one where Joel thinks a circle of salt will protect him, both he and his wife are bum raped while they are forced to watch their daughter be torn limb from limb, all the while the woman is gibbering curses and insults at her dumb fuck husband.

    It really is a gruesome scene; pretty much the only image in what I’ve read so far that really made me uncomfortable.

    I’ve uncovered a gross hypocrisy in the mindset of America, though: it’s okay to watch a little girl get disemboweled, but not okay to watch a man get butt fucked. All of the responses I’ve gotten from people generally had something to do with “oh, I didn’t need to see that guy get butt fucked.” Seriously, is gay shit really that bad, especially when compared to the mutilation of children? I seriously got pissed about that.

    Uhhh, anyway, great comic.