Cable #7 Cover

Cable #7 Cover

A new month and a new arc in Cable. And with a cover that jokes about having “400% more X-Men” and depicts X-Force attacking Bishop, you gotta believe this is gonna be a good one.

Last month, we were treated to King-Size Cable, which gave us a little break from the on-going Cable saga, but provided lots of very important plot points. You can read my review here. Basically, Bishop found out that Cable can only jump forward in time. We also found out that the baby is growing older, significantly older than she was in the first arc.

In the last actual issue, Cyclops brooded a lot about whether he made the right choice letting Cable take the messiah baby with him to the future. But, Cyclops has a plan, which begins to unfold in this new arc.

Review below. GO GO GO!!!

Duane Swierczynski was born to write this series, I think. He’s developing such a great rhythm telling this story. I shouldn’t be surprised that he has brought more and more X-Men into the series as it has started to unfold, but I think it is great that he has worked them into a story that is, essentially, one of the most important X-Men storylines right now.

I am also loving the developing relationship between Cable and the baby. He writes Cable as a perfect father I think. He is tough, but you know that he loves and cares for the baby more than himself. He sometimes acts like he doesn’t care about her (like he doesn’t give her a name), but you know he would sacrifice his life for hers.

I was slightly confused about this new relationship with this woman, Hope, that Cable has developed. Apparently, 2 years have passed since they last had to jump away from Bishop, so Cable has started to set down some roots. But Swierczynski didn’t do a great job of explaining this. You understand it, but you’re confused for a bit and it takes you out of the issue a bit.

Look at how cute the baby is!

Look at how cute the baby is!

I’ve talked about the art in previous reviews, so if you’ve read them, you know I have a love hate relationship with Ariel Olivetti. First the bad. I very much dislike the over-developed characters. That is, Cable is way too big and bulky. And people are too blocky for my tastes. It works ok on this series, but I think it would ruin a lot of other comics. Also, characters often look like they are cut and pasted onto the background, which also brings that unrealistic feel to the art.

As for the good, they far outweigh the bad. First, the painting is so beautiful. Olivetti also draws some of the best expressions that I have seen. Particularly the baby. Now that she is older, her expressions are adorable and priceless. His take on X-Force is also really great. He could easily be the artist on X-Force if he wanted. He also draws some amazing landscapes. Straight out of a painting.

That’s about it folks. This arc is shaping up to be better than the previous one in my book. Now that the characters and plot has been set up, Swierczynski has some room to start playing with concepts and is doing a great job here. I can’t really recommend this new arc to anyone that is not already reading Cable, as it depends pretty heavily on the previous arc. So if you think it sounds interesting, go grab the vol 1 trade when it comes out in December and then start buying the new arc.

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