Caught up in the inevitability of returning to a normal work week, I almost forgot to wrap up day three of the con! Fear not!

The third and final day of the con is a bittersweet thing. Still caught up in the events, the people, and all the fancy things you can buy, part of your brain knows that in six short hours you’ll be leaving it all behind.  You rush around buying the last of the things you’ve had your eyes on since friday, getting the last of your comics signed, and hanging out with friends and the people you’ve met.  At least twice I found myself stopping to take a breath and look around, a sort of final goodbye even though I knew there were still hours left before the con closed.

2014-04-25 06.14.25

I swung by the Riot booth a couple more times to watch the wrap up of the art demo and listen to more about the game and the people that make it as well as watch the audience feedback.  It was cool to talk with the Riot employees at the booth, put faces to the company behind the game and realize that they’re just folks with a love of games.  It was also interesting to see the convention-goers that visited the booth as a sort of informal measure of the game’s demographic. The only downside is the booth wasn’t selling Poro plushies. But one Riot employee says they’re coming soon!

Sunday was also the day that I decided to focus on getting pictures of and with cosplayers.  The hardcore cosplayers that hang out all weekend, either in the same costume or changing costumes each day, are seen inside the con more as they themselves start to go after merch and get comics signed.  Just as with Saturday, cosplayers hang around outside the con in droves for pictures and general hanging out.  I’ve mentioned it before, but the more I see cosplayers, the more I want to cosplay.  And seeing all the cosplayers I did this weekend really inspired me to want to do it next year. At the same time, I’ve observed that one does not simply cosplay, and it can be an incredibly intensive process for some in costume creation/assembly.  A daunting process that leads to some wholly unforgettable experiences.

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As with last year, Dark Horse had large discounts of the last of their stock. It was something they were were reluctant to spread around at first, perhaps to avoid the enormous rush that threatened to demolish their booth last year. If you’re willing to wait until the last hours of the last day, hoping against hope that the thing you want will still be there, Sunday is often the best time to get con merch on the cheap. I got more than a few things last year after they were extremely marked down, and though I tried to keep spending to a minimum this year, I admittedly did the majority of my buying in that final hour.

Overall, this year was a blast. Minor gripes about con food prices, rude con-goers, and the volume of some booths aside (I’m looking at you Marvel), C2E2 is a rollercoaster of an experience.  From the comic book announcements from the big two that we love to hate to interacting with writers, artists, and cosplayers, as well as the new convention location and layout, C2E2 is a fantastic place to meet others with similar interests and experience the city of Chicago with friends.  Just remember to stop, take a breath, and look around once in a while. Because in only a couple days, your memories, purchases and aching feet will be all you have to remember your experience.  And you’ll have an entire year of longing to see that monumental C2E2 banner again. The small price of aching feet is more than worth it.

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