CaptureWednesday hit us with another issue of Scott Snyder’s Batman, and it’s a doozie. Kicking off the 11-issue story, Batman #21 introduces us to the Dark Knight… again. Origin stories are always iffy for big names like Batman, especially since we all know the story of Bruce Wayne who, no spoiler alert required, watched his parents get gunned down in an alleyway in Gotham City.

But Snyder knows how to get the ball rolling and really sets us up for something I don’t think anyone expected.

Spoilers under the cut!

Bruce Wayne is six years younger and just starting out in his quest to help Gotham. It’s implied he isn’t Batman quite yet, but he’s already got the gadgets and disguises out and ready for use. Reservations of origin stories aside, it’s pretty fun to see a young and enthusiastic Bruce Wayne try to tackle city vigilantism.

The first issue is pretty tame despite grappling trucks off buildings. It’s all about establishing the status quo of six years prior but Snyder’s already throwing very interesting and unique details into the Dark Knight’s story. He also seems to be playing and adapting with pre-52 canon. Alan Wayne is referenced, who Snyder first wrote about in his Gates of Gotham mini-series (which you should all read), making curiosity spike about just how much freedom Snyder’s being given with our caped crusader’s not-origin. I’m thinking a lot.

All of that aside, the most exciting parts of the issue are the first four pages that shows us a torn-down and flooded Gotham city and possibly the most badass looking Batman artist Greg Capullo’s ever drawn. If we have a rebooted version of No Man’s Land to look forward to during this arc, than things are looking way up for this series.

Speaking of, the art is once again incredible. Wonderfully colored by Fco Plascencia, they give life to the inexperienced Bruce Wayne and the life before the cowl. And once again, that is one awesome-looking Batman we have to look forward to.

Riddler might be a stretch. Snyder has a knack for Batman’s villains almost as well as he writes Batman but certain characters are so close to the edge of ridiculousness they might fall over. Riddler is one such villain. He’s proven to be a wonderful character before but a pre-villainous Edward Nigma working for Wayne Enterprises brings back scary memories of Jim Carry in spandex. After a conflicting reboot of Victor Fries‘s story, caution might be warranted.

Overall, it feels like the beginning of a brand new series. Snyder’s smart for pulling way from the angst that came from Damian’s death and gives us a bat with more personality than we’ve seen him with before. And if the mini-story about Bruce’s overseas training is a staple as well, that’s all the better. It’s looking to be a pretty fun year.

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