Hello, dear readers, this week I bring a movie I have been waiting on for about two years. When I first heard about, Zombeavers, I knew it was going to be b-movie gold. Not only does this movie bring you whacky characters, trope-y plot lines, great one-liners, and toxic waste mutated beavers, but it has a surprise in store that had me gripping my sides for dear life due to laughter. Zombeavers is a hilarious new take on a classic “cabin in the woods,” style movie that you can definitely sink your teeth in to.

The Breakdown


The movie begins with our three main ladies, Mary (Rachel Melvin), Zoe (Cortney Palm), and Jenn (Lexi Atkins), going to a cabin in the woods for the weekend, dog in tow and all, to help Jenn get over her recent breakup with cheating boyfriend, Sam (Hutch Dano). The girls spend their first day swimming in the nearby lake and soaking up the sun, but soon discover they aren’t the only ones enjoying the water. Nearby they stumble upon a beaver dam covered in a strange, green liquid. Not knowing much about beaver life they pass it off as being beaver poop or something else that’s super gross.

That night while the girls are drinking and enjoying a game of, “Would you rather…,” they get some unexpected visitors. All of the boyfriends show up to ruin girl time, including Sam. This makes for a very awkward night when Jenn and her boyfriend, Buck (Peter Gilroy) go off to have very loud sex in one of the cabin’s rooms. However, this scene also has some of the best one-liners in the entire movie as well and instantly made Buck my favorite character in the movie. The next day the entire crew is out and about in the lake, swimming and enjoying themselves once again.

It’s during this time that we discover the reason Jenn found out Sam was cheating on her was that there was a picture posted of him kissing another girl at a party. Her hair hides the girl’s face, but we all get a sense of who it is. This sense is soon confirmed when Mary and Sam are left alone to talk on the lake’s floating dock. Mary reveals herself to be the girl in the picture and we as the audience can’t help but wonder why a jerk like Sam would possibly have this many ladies gunning for him. This moment is quickly thrown off when Jenn sees something strange swimming in the water. The boys think it’s a joke, but this mysterious creature soon attacks Buck and chews his foot clean off.

Panicking and trapped in the center of the lake on the dock, Mary and the boys have to plan their escape to shore. In true douchbag fashion, Sam grabs the dog that was lounging with them and tosses in to the water as a distraction. Yes, the dog dies and we hate Sam even more…if that’s possible at this point. However, it works and the rest of the crew gets back to shore. While running to the cabin the group encounters more of the creatures that were in the water—mutated zombie beavers. Realizing they aren’t safe on land, they all flee in to the cabin and begin to board up the windows and doors. Stuff then begins to get even more bizarre, but in the best way. Amidst the zombie beavers busting through walls, floors, and ceilings Zoe, Buck, and Tommy (Jake Weary), Mary’s boyfriend, all decide to make a break for it.

They make it out and to a truck, but the zombie beavers chop down several trees that block their way. This forces them to go to the nearest house, which has already been attacked and it’s inhabitants killed. There they regroup while we go back to the other three folks still left in the cabin. Due to all the tension, the fact that Mary was the one kissing Sam in the picture comes out and a small fight ensues. Feeling obviously stressed and embarrassed, Mary decides to lie down in a bedroom and relax. Because it’s not like the cabin is being ravaged by ZOMBIE BEAVERS or anything.

Jenn is shown to open the bedroom door and crawl in to bed with Mary. At first it seems like a strange dream, but then Mary gets a look at Jenn’s face and she has mutated, due to a bite wound, in to a zombie beaver women. This begins to happen to Buck as well, much to my dismay, and the end battle begins. Zoe escapes Buck by jumping out of a window and Mary flees from the cabin. The two run in to each other down the road, happy to be reunited at first.

However, Zoe finds out that Mary has been bitten. In true zombie movie film tradition, Mary is forced to kill her only surviving friend as she turns in to one of the furry undead. It would have been the perfect ending, but we all know b-movies have to take it that step further. Zoe wanders out to the nearest road in search of help and hears an oncoming vehicle. She steps in the road and begins to try to wave them down, but alas the driver isn’t paying attention and runs right in to her, ending the movie in the worst way.


Honestly, I was fairly impressed with the actors in this movie. However, I do have my favorite, which I already mentioned. Buck was by far and large the best character in this movie. His comedic timing, energy, and asshole-ish charisma are exactly what movies of this nature need more of. You can tell he pulled a lot of improv out during filming and it feels natural and gives some of the biggest laughs in the movie. Everyone else does hold their own in the tropes they are allotted, but Buck outshines them all.


The zombie beavers look goofy and weird, but it works for the nature of the movie. Zombeavers, never takes itself too seriously and really wants to have fun with the horror trope of teenagers getting attacked by things when they go out to a remote location. The zombie beavers are both done in CGI and practical, which gave it a nice look especially when the characters interact with the creatures. Overall, the look only worked toward the advantage of the movie.

What Say I:

Zombeavers, is a fun, silly horror movie that embodies all of the best elements of a b-flick. It was made with the intention of being a bad movie, but it’s done with obvious love and care for the genre. I say you grab some friends, snacks, and turn this movie on and enjoy. It’s an easy watch that will have you constantly laughing and engaged.

Credits & Other Stuff:

Writer(s): Al KaplanJordan Rubin, &  Jon Kaplan 
Director: Jordan Rubin

Trailer for, Zombeavers.


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