Hello, dear readers, this week I am bringing you the sequel to the much-loved movie, Dead Snow. So, if you haven’t seen that movie, go watch it and then come back and check out this review because there will be spoilers (as always). Dead Snow 2: Red vs. Dead is a hellacious, fun ride through the events that immediately follow the first movie with even more Nazis, zombies, and the best gore around.

The Breakdown


As mentioned before, this movie picks up right where the first movie ends. Martin (Vegar Hoel) has managed to escape the Nazi Zombies by returning their cursed gold to them and has found his way to the vehicles. Thinking he’s in the clear he takes a moment to reflect on the fact that all his friends and his girlfriend, Hanna (Charlotte Frogner), are dead. He soon finds a last coin that had been hidden in his jacket and the Nazis are right there to collect. He manages to start the car and escape from them, severing the Nazi leader, Herzog’s (Orjan Gamst) arm off in the process, before crashing in to the mountainside.

When Martin next awakens he finds himself in a local hospital, handcuffed to the bed. The police say that they’ve found his other friends and they highly suspect that Martin is the murderer. The doctor also has another wonderful announcement. When Martin was found, they also found a preserved severed arm, which they were able to successfully “re-attach” it to where his was severed in the former film. Yeah, Martin has a zombie arm. The zombie arm seems to react to Martin’s intense fear and anger, breaking free from his restraints and killing the doctor. He is sedated and once again restrained for the time being. Meanwhile, our Nazi zombie friends have been up to no good as usual.

Upon discovering their location, they embark towards nearby cities, killing anyone that crosses their path. Herzog finds himself a new arm as well, and they travel to a nearby cemetery filled with fallen Nazi soldiers. Using his necromantic powers, Herzog attempts to raise the army, but his powers falters because…well, they’re just bones. However, they soon discover that fresh meat can be turned in to zombie minions that work just as well. Back with our main guy, Martin, he awakens to once again be tied down. Lucky for him a weird ginger, American kid has snuck in to his room and helps him escape. The kid also introduces Martin to something called, The Zombie Squad, which Martin hopes is able to travel to him and help with his zombie problem.

Unfortunately, his zombie arm takes over once again and knocks the kid right out of the window and to his immediate death. It does, however, provide Martin with an escape route that he promptly takes, but not before his zombie arm manages to take out a police officer. Martin contacts The Zombie Squad, which is really just three American nerds named, Daniel (Martin Starr), Monica (Jocelyn DeBoer), and Blake (Ingrid Haas). They decide it’s time to get out from their parent’s basement and do some actual zombie killing. At this point, Martin has made his way to a nearby World War 2 museum to dig up whatever he can on Herzog. He discovers that Herzog and his men were on a mission to destroy a nearby town and that’s what his zombie soldiers intend to finish what they started years ago.

Speaking of the devil seems to summon him as Herzog and his army show up to the same museum, decimating every tourist present. Narrowly escaping with his new friend, Glenn Kenneth (Stig Frode Henriksen), a worker from the museum, the two head out to survey the devastation only to see that Herzog has left a few of his zombie friends behind. Martin quickly discovers that he can control his zombie hand and use its strength to beat the hell right out of his undead foes. As a bonus, he can also raise them back to be on his side. With this knowledge and the sudden arrival of The Zombie Squad, the group formulates a plan to raise a frozen, buried Russian regiment to defeat Herzog.

Luckily for the town, Martin and his crew show up before Herzog and clear it out. The final battle begins and it’s zombies versus zombies in one hell of a showdown. Martin getting thrown through walls, Nazi zombies getting busted in to pieces by Russian zombies, and a big tank final showdown that launches Herzog in to oblivion and destroys the evil that resurrected the Nazis once and for all. After our heroes celebrate, Martin does what any man that just lost the love of his life would do. He drives to her grave and resurrects her to have hot, zombie sex, of course. Yeah. I’m not joking. Roll credits.


The acting in this movie is beautiful, though at times it comes off as a bit strange due to the main language being changed from its original Swedish to English. Obviously, some of the actors aren’t most familiar with the English language and it shows, but it also makes for some great comedy. For example, the main police chief hunting after Martin, Gunga (Hallvard Holmen) spouts out very strange phrases quite frequently. I couldn’t figure out if the writers knew he couldn’t speak English and were making him say weird things or if the actor just thought it would be funnier to portray his character that way. Either way he is certainly one of the highlights of the film and I knew that any time he was on screen I was going to laugh. Everyone else carried their weight wonderfully and had just even quirk to make this movie fun and loveable while being surrounded with gore, brutal death scenes, and Nazis.


The effects in this movie do the first movie proud. Blood is in no shortage and guts are thrown around like confetti on New Year’s Eve. The practical in the death scenes is done very well and the deaths themselves are incredibly brutal. For example, two elderly folk are in the bathroom, the wife enjoying a bath while the husband shaves, when zombie Nazis burst through the door, beat the husband to death with a hammer, and proceed to stab the wife like crazy. This happens so fast I was actually taken aback for a moment. They do not spare any kind of violence in this movie and they make sure you see every ounce of gore that would come with it. The zombies themselves look very rad as well. Each has a pretty unique design, some having been stitched together. They all look like mutated hellions, for sure.

What Say I:

This is one of the quintessential zombie movies, just like its predecessor. If you watched the first one and loved it, you’re going to love this one too. If you haven’t, then please have a movie marathon with the both of them. Between the awesome effects, interesting story, well-timed and outlandish comedy, and the great actors that really give it their all, this movie has definitely become one of my favorites and something I highly recommend to any horror or zombie fan.

Credits & Other Stuff:

Writer:Stig Frode HenriksenVegar Hoel, and Tommy Wirkola
Director: Tommy Wirkola

Trailer for, Dead Snow 2: Red vs. Dead.

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