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Long time fan of video games and movies, I got back into comics around the New 52/Marvel Now "reboots" after a seven year hiatus. Shying away from most big budget titles for my own financial reasons, I've embraced Indy gaming, independent comics, and short films. And it can be a wonderful place.



Iron Fist: The Living Weapon #7

December 8, 2014 | 0 Comments

I’m not really obsessed with this series, I swear. Kung fu and superheroes really hit the mark for me, and Kaare Kyle Andrews’ “one-man-show” (Almost. Don’t forget editors/letterers. Don’t ever.) continues fantastically into it’s second...

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Deer Editor #1

December 4, 2014 | 0 Comments

Once in a blue moon, the first issue of a comic blows my mind. And I know that phrase gets overused, so let me to rephrase and/or elaborate. Very rarely do I find a series...

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Luftrausers_titlescreen 90%


November 13, 2014 | 0 Comments

Ever since my first experience with multidirectional/bullet-hell shooters back in the late nineties with Giga Wing, games like this have skirted the edge of my awareness in a very odd sort of way. The immediacy...

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Saga #24

November 5, 2014 | 0 Comments

The other day, I realized I was five issues behind on this series. Sometimes I enjoy reading a few issues of a series at once, rather than read an issue each month (especially with this...

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New Avengers #25

October 20, 2014 | 0 Comments

“In seven months, time runs out.” Since last month, the new arc of New Avengers has begun counting down. The end of “time”? The end of that arc? The end of the series? But we...

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Hinterkind #12

October 6, 2014 | 1 Comments

Behind all the series I’ve been more outwardly excited for, Hinterkind lies in wait, quietly delivering a solid and intriguing issue every month. Every time I return to this series, part of my wonders why...

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Faction: New Zealand Comic Anthology

September 28, 2014 | 0 Comments

Whether established or up-and-coming, there sure is a lot of talent in the comic book industry.  As of late, the internet has become the place for artists showcase their talent and get into the spotlight....

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Iron Fist: The Living Weapon #1-6 “Rage”

September 26, 2014 | 0 Comments

Iron Fist holds a special place in my heart. Ever since his appearances in Bendis’ New Avengers and Fractions’ Immortal Iron Fist (mostly this series), Danny Rand has quickly become one of my favorite characters....

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Carpe DIEm Vol 1: I Hate Mondays

September 5, 2014 | 0 Comments

I love silly comic books. My frequent frustrations with the series I read from the big two is what drove me to read series like this. Gotta have fun and purge your mind of hate...

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Moon Knight #1-6

August 25, 2014 | 0 Comments

Moon Knight was pretty much a mystery to me until I read issue one of this new series back in March. Originally introduced to this character almost exclusively through cameos and Marvel Team-Ups, I was...

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