20130619-125718.jpgAnimal Man #21 finally finds Buddy Baker/Animal Man outta the movies, back in costume, and back on the streets, where he belongs. It is far from the way it was, however. Doesn’t take long to understand that Baker is off his game and still reeling from the death of his son, Cliff, whom he tried to convince the totems to let him save in a previous issue.

Minor spoilers!

Where Buddy failed with the totems, Maxine succeeds. Against her mother’s wishes, she is once again visiting the red, where she agrees to act as the Reds agent on earth as Animal Girl, but only if they agree to her demands: 1) it must be confined to when she has gone to bed so that she can keep it from her mom, 2) she wants to continue to look for Cliff, and 3) she wants Socks (the cat) and Shepard to aid her in her search.

Overall, this is a solid issue and we are back in the game with trying to find Cliff. The art work, as seen below, continues to be solid along with the writing.

20130619-134232.jpg What I find particularly interesting about this issue, however, is it’s use of social media to bring the general “public”, as it were, into Buddy Baker’s world, even though he is completely unaware of the buzz he is creating.

The use of this social media on the first two pages serves to catch the reader up on what has been going on with Animal Man. For anyone who has not been reading the series, they quickly learn of the death of Cliff, Buddy Baker’s son; his separation from his wife and family; his starring in a hit movie; his nomination for what we’ll assume is an Oscar for his role; and his disappearance from public view. A rather handy way of catching the reader up. Next, we see the social media machine spin back into action when Animal Man is spotted throughout LA, after a woman with lost cats “tweets” that Animal Man has offered to help her find them.

I thought I read comics to escape the real world! The fact is, however, the use of social media here negates the need for a narrator to catch us up while showing us that not everyone is a Buddy Baker fan.

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