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Since their creation in 2005, Angels and Airwaves has been on the rise on the alternative rock circuit. The band was created by Blink-182 guitarist Tom Delonge and has been defined as “an art project” instead of a band because of their experimental sounds and the strong mediums used in songs. They have released four albums, We Don’t Need To Whisper, I-Empire, Love, and their newest release Love II which was released on November 1, 2011.

Now when Angels and Airwaves first came out I kind of refused to listen to them because I was still heartbroken about Blink breaking up. But after a while I gave them a listen. To be honest Angels and Airwaves is not my favorite style of music but after listening to one of their newest songs, I thought I’d give the new album a try form an open perspective. So here we go. The first track on Love II, Saturday Love, started out kind of slow with a synth build up that then lead into what I can only presume was an electric cello in a melody that reminded me of the intro to the X-Files. I don’t mind build ups or leads in, but it takes over a minute to add the guitar in the song and then another couple of seconds to jump into the song. By that point I felt like I was forced into the song. Also the guitar and drums rarely change in the song, the repetition of the chorus and Tom’s voice was what let me know. The opening song is essential to any album because it sets the tone for the album. I’ve said this many times before and I stand by it. This song has a slow build up and then just has too little changes in it except for the middle breakdown which is all synth. I also feel that the drums were put through a filter because sometimes the bass drum sounds like its coming from an electric keyboard plug in. With all of this being said, the song is incredibly catchy and I found myself singing it during the day. The song also leads well into the next song, which I was thankful for because I didn’t want another minute long lead in.

Surrender, has heavy drums and echo-y guitars along with electric synths and violins. I like Tom Delonge’s voice but in these first two songs it feels like they are almost drowned out by the background music during the chorus. However the song isn’t terrible, just a little on the synth-y side for me.

Anxiety, is my favorite track on the album and was ironically the first one I listened to. Someone happened to show me the music video which was really cool looking and got me interested in listening to the album in the first place. The song starts out with ringing bells and then slowly adds layers like drums, rhythm guitar, bass, then lead guitar, and finally zooms into the intro with a keyboard. I don’t mind this song, in fact I really like it because the keyboard is beautiful and mixes with the other layers well and doesn’t have that synthesized feels. The song also does have a great change from the verse to the chorus and was the first time on the album I was aware the guitar could change. The only downside of the song is that after the last chorus there is this echo wind down that continues for an entire minute and you’re not really sure when the song ends and the next one begins

Heroine (It’s Not Over), has an incredibly long build up that feels like it takes forever but as soon as you get to about two minutes into the song it becomes very melodic and soothing. Which tends to be the theme of this whole album. It’s very good, sweet, and soothing but you have to wait for it, which could potentially be a musical metaphor for love. I don’t know. Next song.

Moon As My Witness is so incredibly so that I skipped over it the first couple times through. It’s very light and soothing but if that’s not your thing I don’t think you’ll like this song, or this album for that matter. Dry Your Eyes is a real fast Angels and Airwaves song and it kind of blew me away in that perspective. In terms of being a song it was really just mediocre. It’s incredibly synth and effect heavy and sounds very similar to Surrender only faster.

Angels and Airwaves

The Relevator has some oomph to it with the drums but then it slows down during the chorus which makes it more of an Angels and Airwaves song. Meaning lots of background synth tone with a steady echo-y guitar. The bass and drums lead the verses well but there’s not drop or pickup in the chorus which makes this song seem lacking.

One Last Thing is really just more of the same of this album. At this point in the album it felt like it was all just one song going through stages and stages. Inertia is the next track and starts off with a tambourine solo and then slowly builds and builds. Inertia. It was funnier when I thought of it. Don’t judge me. This song however was pretty decent. I enjoyed the build and I liked the background sound that at first it didn’t bother me that I could barely hear the lyrics.

Behold A Pale Horse gives me the willies. It sounds kind of eery and then builds into this 80’s sounding style of song but it gives me the willies because of the lyrics and kind of preludes to an end of the world theme, using references to Revelations in the Bible. Just…whew.

The final song, All That We Are, literally feels like it goes on for forever. It’s nice and slow as well as soothing but it just doesn’t feel like its going to end and it just has this scratchy feel to it that I couldn’t get behind. By the time that it picked up I just wanted the song to be over, despite that the outro was creative and very melodious I was just disinterested because of how long it took to get to the build up.

Overall this album was really not as good as I would have hoped. I will say that Angels and Airwaves is nothing like Box Car Racer or Blink-182 or even Plus 44. They are their own style of musical group that I don’t even think I could call them a band but a musical group based on the style they have. They have done something genuine, and that is make something that no one else could make. With that being said, they are really not my thing. If you’ve listened to Angels and Airwaves before and liked them then you’ll like this album. However if you’re like me and generally like faster, harder paced music I don’t think you’ll enjoy it. But if anything you should give them a listen.

Rating: 4/10

1. “Saturday Love” 4:21
2. “Surrender” 4:30
3. “Anxiety” 5:03
4. “Heroine (It’s Not Over)” 3:45
5. “Moon As My Witness” 4:14
6. “Dry Your Eyes” 5:00
7. “The Revelator” 4:52
8. “One Last Thing” 2:54
9. “Inertia” 4:30
10. “Behold a Pale Horse” 4:04
11. “We Are All That We Are”

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