52 Week 23 Cover

52 Week 23 Cover

Last week in 52: Lex thinks that Supernova’s true identity is Superman; he makes clear that he wants to become a superhero to rival him.  However, after given a blood test he realizes that he is incompatible for the metagene therapy.

Meanwhile, Jon Standing Bear visits Metropolis to attend his father’s funeral.  Afterwards, his grandfather tells Jon of his obligation to follow family tradition and become the new Super-Chief.

On the fifth day of Week 22, Lex Luthor celebrates the grand opening of his Business School. Steel makes an appearance at the opening ceremony, intending to speak with Luthor about his niece and his own newfound powers, but another man who took part in the metagene therapy beats him to it.  After the man is taken away, Steel sympathizes with him.

**Spoilers after the break**

This week in 52, entitled The Island of Professor Morrow, Intergang’s anthropomorphic beasts abduct William Magnus with the help of  B.O.L.T.S. (first appearing Metal Men #15).  They take him to Oolong Island – which first appeared in Wonder Woman #157 as the secret headquarters of Egg Fu.  There, Magnus runs into Professor Morrow who explains to him that the reason why the scientists were going missing was because they were all being transported to Oolong Island.  They (Professor Morrow, Doc Magnus, Ira Quimby a.k.a. I.Q., Dr. Cyclops, Dr. Rigoro Mortis, Dr. Sivana etc.) were sent to the island to help Intergang build doomsday weapons for one purpose – to destroy the Black Marvel Family.

Metal Men #20: B.O.L.T.S. at his most embarrassing moment.

Metal Men #20: B.O.L.T.S. at his most embarrassing moment.

Meanwhile at Intergang’s secret headquarters in Yemen, Renee Montoya and Charlie/The Question find the whereabouts of Adrianna Tomaz/Isis’s younger brother Amon, and they also find out that Intergang’s henchmen (Whisper A’Daire, Kyle Abbott etc) are controlling people with the Crime Bible.  Amon, one of the few who hasn’t already been brainwashed by Intergang is severely tortured by Kyle Abbott and taken to his impending doom, but Charlie and Renee save him just at the brink of time.  Soon after, Black Adam and Isis arrive and destroy Intergang’s headquarters and tend to Amon.  Having been severely tortured and permanently crippled, Black Adam gives him a bit of his power transforming Amon into Osiris, healing his wounds in the process.  If you know your Egyptian Mythology then you know that this means that Amon and his sister, Isis, would eventually become husband and wife…gross.  With Isis reunited with her brother, the three decide to change the world, starting with China.

I know this has been mentioned before, but a happy Black Adam sure is creepy.

This week’s cover is in reference to Pieta, a painting (also a sculpture) depicting the Virgin Mary holding the dead body of Jesus Christ in her arms.

I’d also like to mention how great this weeks pencils were, courtesy of Drew Johnson – probably one of my favorite artists for his thick lines, stellar shading, facial expressions and detail.

I know this was a short week in 52, but it was a great one.  Stay tuned next week for 52 Week 24 Analysis!

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