So there are times that I’ll admit I get bored with comics. I buy them, then realize I’m two, three, four, or a dozen comics behind in that series and can’t read the one I just bought until I catch up. I’m beginning to believe that catching up is a pipe dream. I’m also always looking for new comics that might spark my interest. So a couple of weeks ago I noticed a new Book entitled 1602: Witch Hunter Angela, Part One. I will admit that the allure was in the cover and the title. Had I realized it was part of Marvel’s Secret Wars phenomenon I likely would not have picked it up. But I did. I mean it is written by Marguerite Bennett with art by Stephanie Hans, which is one of the main reasons I picked it up. I know the work of both of these women, and I’m always looking for comics created by women. So I was excited to get home from the comic store and have this #1 book I could actually sit down and read.

Unfortunately (I’ll just throw this out here now), my excitement was soon dampened. Let’s just go ahead and talk about the biggest problem with this comic right now, so we can move on to more positive aspects. The letters leave a LOT to be desired. It’s not that the letters are not clear, but they seem extremely small to me. Part of this is the fact that they aren’t all caps as most comic letters are, but even considering that, I think problems still exist. For one, there’s a lot of text in those speech balloons. I admit that I wear reading glasses, but even using those did not help that much in trying to read the text. When you have to strain to read a comic, the experience becomes much less enjoyable.

1602 witch hunter cvt

I also did not care for the color palette of the overall comic. the colors you see above are the colors that are used throughout the book. At times, as above, red is the dominant color; at other times the bluish-green is more prevalent. But beyond variations on these colors, no other hues are used to any extent. I’m sure there are creative reasons for making these types of decisions, but I don’t see it.

I wanted to like this comic. I love history, and Bennett does a great job of making me believe I’m in 1602 by throwing around the names of famous historical figures like King James, Ben Jonson, and Kit Marlowe. But it wasn’t enough to hook me. Perhaps most of the problem is that it is a part of the larger Marvel story arc Secret Wars, but I’m not confident. Typically I will buy at least two or three comics in a series before I decide whether or not to keep reading it, but chances are fairly good I won’t be picking up issue #2 of this comic. I’m sure others love it, but not me.

Overall Score
55 %

1602, part of the Marvel's Secret Wars story arc, is a comic I won't likely be picking up again. The lettering caused eye strain, and the color palette left a lot to be desired.

Lettering 30%
Story 50%
Color 50%
Writing 90%

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